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post-part questions....

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While I am thinking of it I had better ask! Looking for good herbal baths to help with healing after the birth and what people use or don't use to help heal cord site. I still haven't found a good way to deal with the stump. And last question....nursing bras? I never had one until ds3 (I know that sounds crazy) and got 2 Bravados. Don't really like them because the elastic band gets so bunchy and it feels like I am wearing 2 shirts! I bought 2 from Target and returned them as they don't seem to be made for actual breasts. TIA.
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Yeah, Target nursing bras are terrible. I bought one last time and ended up throwing it in the garbage.

I got a great one at Kohls and ended up buying a total of 4 of them - wore them for over 2 years while nursing. They no longer carry that brand at Kohls but maybe we could find them online. I know I want to find some more. I will try to read the label in one of my old bras and post the name - it is escaping me at the moment. I do remember the company that made them had a web site and also made regular plus size bras.

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Also hated the Bravado bra..that band was way too wide for my torso.
But I only have that and a horrible fitting(wrong size) Warner's nursing bra I got at Walmart..will have to make do with them though.
If we have the extra cash after the birth I plan on seeing if I can find at least one good fitting comfortable nursing bra to carry me until the not having to wear a bra and breastpads yeah !! stage . I really hate wearing bra's. And to have to wear one 24 hours a day for three months kills me.
I do have a bunch of nursing tanks with built in bras that I just may put to use rather then wearing a bra..figure by the time summer rolls around I and baby will have the hang of nursing without exposing ourselves and won't need the tanks. I think last time it was around 5/6 months before that happened.

As for herbal baths...I used something from here http://www.yemaya.ca/natal.htm once I got home from the hospital.

But since was in the hopsital so long 3 nights/4 days and they never offered me a sitz bath or even ice for my 4th degree epistomy/tear during my entire stay I don't think I beneifted from it as much as I could have if I had used it soon after the birth... I have two packages on hand this time around and will not make that mistake again.

Hoping the two packages are enough...really hoping I don't have as bad as swelling/pain etc all the fun that comes with a vaccum extraction and a 4th degree cut.

As for the cord stump..the hospital said to clean with a alcohol wipe each diaper change but we stopped as soon as we left the hospital as I think it doesn't make a difference and we had no problems. I just kept an eye on it for any infections.
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I've gotten my nursing bras from Motherwear and I love all of them. One is supposed to be an exercise bra, but I use it for that and for normal use. And then I have some Japanese Weekend ones that don't clip, just pull to the side. They are wonderful! I am sorry that I don't remember the brand of the Motherwear ones. I bought them two pgs ago and the tags are either gone or worn off (but the bras are still going just fine---isn't that impressive!?) I suspect you could get some ideas from Motherwear's online catalog.
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I never wasinto nursing bras. I had one that was semi decent. I discovered that a front-closing bra was just a better option. It took as much effort (or at little) as any nursing bra I tried and it was useful when I wasn't nursing. not that I wear bras much anywy. Just my 2 cents

Namaste, Tara
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Thanks for all the input. I never wore a bra until kiddos! I have always used bras from Nordstroms that are very similiar to the Japanes Weekend ones that just pull to the side. They were pretty inexpensive, but they stopped making them! My bras are nasty........even my dh wants to know when I am going to replace them (I keep telling him after we sell our 'other' house). I have over-production issues fo the first 3 months and am pretty big, for me anyway, so I need something just for comfort!
Scotia sky- totally relate to the dreaded 1st 3 months of mondo boobs! Hope you do not have such trauma this time.

boys are calling..
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I really like the one I have from Mimi maternity-it was expensive, but I found it on sale for $20 in early pregnancy. Sadly I need to get a new one, as my cups runneth over. LOL!

As far as the cord, we do nothing-that is the best bet.
When my last one's tump fell off it was pussy underneath, so I put a drop or two of milk on it each day a few times a day. (midwife reccommended) It healed fine-she has an outtie!
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The baby that i used alcohol on cord after every diaper change as rec. by dr, it took 3 weeks to come off. the kids that i did nothing to, fell off at 5 days and 7 days. hmmmm

herbal bath for after birth, i buy bulk herbs and make a mix of comfrey, lavender, calendula, uva ursi. you can also add sea salt or fresh garlic.
i think this made a huge difference in how fast i healed. i also cooked the herbs up, strained it and put it in my peri bottle.
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Herbal sitz baths--I got some when I ordered my birth kit, but you can buy the herbs and mix them up. Mine includes Uva Ursi leaf, yarrow flower, plantain leaf, sage leaf, witch hazel leaf, comfrey leaf & root, and sea salt. I just got one pack (5 oz -- supposed to make 5 baths). My mw says that after using them for the bath, she rolls the used herbs in some gauze and puts ontop of the pad (an herb burrito). Last time I healed really fast and expect to do the same this time (prob. faster because of the herbs). Local health food stores also sell the stuff so if I need more I will send dh out. It was really convenient to order it though.

I don't bother worrying about the cord. Even the ped at the hospital when dd1 was born said that I could use alcohol if I wanted but that it really didn't make a difference. So I didn't. After it fell off I cleaned up the area one time. No problems.

Bras. I have boobs even when not pg or nursing so I do wear them. I have really liked a couple from motherwear. I have also made use of their generous return policy so that I was sure to have comfortable bras. Speaking of which, I need to order some. Oh, btw your ribcage is probably a bit bigger than normal right now so take that into consideration. You can get bra extenders if you need to.

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Oh, I overlooked the cord question! With my 1st, we sporadically used alcohol on it. by sporadic I mean that literally. They used it like once at the hospital during his 4 day stay and I used it once at home. It fell off in less than 7 days, I caught it. With my 2nd, we used nothing and it fell off around 5 or 6 days, like my 1st. I hear that using alcohol constantly makes them stay on longer and using nothing, they come off faster. I didn't care when they feel off so long as I could keep them. I caught the first one BUT I dropped it and it's a goner. The second one I didn't catch but do still have. I don't put a ton of stock into having to do antyhing with it unless it looks funky or has a smell, in which case, break out some peroxide or TTO and take care of it. Infectedcord stump is not cool.

Namaste, Tara
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