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I got a baby shower after all!

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I've been going to a women's Bible study on Tuesdays for the last 12 weeks at a church we just started attending late this Summer. Yesterday was the last day in our series. I almost didn't go because I hadn't gotten through all the material, and was in a bad mood because I accidentally got locked out of my house and had to wait for my husband to get home to let me in. But I did go and was late.

When I got there they were finishing up a short video. I noticed a spread of food and beverages, and thought it was due to the Holidays and it being the last one. At the end of the video the leader, Kristi, said, "You may have noticed all the food and be wondering why". I was thinking I was just wondering why 10 minutes into our time no one had taken any food yet. She said, "We're having a surprise baby shower!". I just couldn't even believe it! I really hardly know these women at all! They were worried I wasn't coming since I was late! They had cake, cheese and crackers, cookies, a fruit cake, bread and dip and pop. And they had cute Noah's Ark plates and napkins.

The gave me a cute baby outfit, package of 5 onsies, very soft white blanket with a moon on it, a fantasitic baby toy shaped like a big octopus and the arms have shapes on it and fit back into the body, a bath toy, a teething book, a "Jesus" wood carved ornament, a small package of newborn dipes, a big box of diapers, a package of wipes refills, and a box of liners to put down in those public changing tables. There was also a baby card that everyone wrote in, and two others put in their own cards with very nice encouragements. I was just so shocked I started crying! (ok doesn't take much these days). They also wanted me to be sure to call the church when the baby is born because they said they would arrange with me to deliver a meal, and wanted me to let them know if there is anything I needed!

I was just so touched. I really liked all their gifts. I have cloth diapers already - may return the dipes or use them when going out until they are gone.

I really liked getting the baby cards. I have so many that I got and saved for my first dd and was feeling bad have very few for this baby's keepsakes.

And most of all I was just so grateful that, especially during this busy holiday season, they took the time and love to celebrate my baby with me!

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That is just SO cool :

My 4-H group did one for me on Sunday. The parents told me at the last meeting that they were going to comandeer the Christmas party and I needed to give a list of baby stuff I didn't have yet. I cried when they told me.

Your women's group sounds a lot like mine, full of wonderful people.

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The generosity of others

I have had that from time to time. God is good at blessing us through the generosity of others. So glad to hear they thought of you in that way. Congrats.
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Tracy, that's wonderful! I bet it made them feel just as good to do it for you as it made you feel to be on the receiving end of such generousity! Good thing you went to the event!!
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