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What NON-Sewing WAHM Diaper Biz owners do you support?

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I'd love to compose a list of these mamas so they are easier to find. Because even though they don't make the cloth diapering products they sell, the WAHMs who sell various products provide us CDers with fabulous resources! (prefolds, snappis, and wraps, oh my! thread, fabric, and snaps, oh my!) These WAHMs need and deserve our support, too.

I've purchased things from NaturalBabies.com so I recall that one well. But I need others.

So can you all help me make a Diaper Supplies Resource List? :

Edited to put in the list (thanks mamas!). Cleanup and organizing (alphabetically maybe) to come later.

Diapering Supplies
Cotton Tail Baby
Tiny Birds
Montana's Diaper Store
Buttercup Baby
The Stork Wearhouse
Kuddly Kreations
Katies Kisses
Babies in the Sun
Cloth Daddy

Sewing Supplies

Natural Wool Toys
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www.kellyscloset.com comes to mind first for me! Is www.borntolove.com still in bus? She used to have a ton of great info in addition to diapering stuff. Also, there is www.diaperware.com , I think that is the right name. For just supplies, I used to like janellespul.com or something like that (I'm terrible w/links, btw), and also Jessica's shop-at one time it was www.onestopdiapershop.com . I have no clue if that is right or not. For just grabbing a coupla yards of hemp to play with, I went with Terri at fmbg. I'm sure there are coops for supplies still going strong too. That's all I got!
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Kelly's Closet! I knew I ordered from somewhere else. I loved her free shipping.
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I love the www.fuzzinunzstore.com for my fuzzi bunz. They have alot of colors instock and have free shipping. Susan's inserts are great too!!
I love my FB!!
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I've always had good service from www.naturalbabies.com Large selection of items and she ships super fast.
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My favorite is http://www.tinyheiny.com .
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My favorite: diaperco Her shipping is incredibly fast!
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I really LOVE www.diaperware.com She is great!


Jack and the Beanstalk.....I can't figure out the link...
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I like
She always has good deals and free or low cost shipping! Great source for minishowers, too!
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AngelBee-did you mean this: http://jacksmagicbeanstalk.com/ ?
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GraniteSmith eBay seller
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These are great!
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http://www.thanksmama.com - Low prices, super fast shipping, free shipping over $40, great selection!
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I love wildflower diapers and z2akids . Wildflower diapers has a huge selection and gorgous soakers. Z2a kids has furniture (I wish I lived closer) and a great selection too!
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here are some of my favorite shops:

Cotton Tail Baby Great selection of basics and beyond

Tiny Birds Huge selection of wool and organics - lots of interesting info about her products and tons of pictures too

Montana's Diaper Store Great in stock selection, easy to navigate site

Buttercup Baby cute shop, good selection, great packages - especially the bare essencials

z2akids a newer shop with a really nice selection of products - including custom made changing tables that are beautiful!
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I've had really good experiences with www.greenmountaindiapers.com. Her site was what got me to CD in the first place and I forget if it has already been mentioned (preggo memory taking its toll) but www.cottonbabies.com is great too.
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Hey, I sew!
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Originally Posted by wildflowerjenn
Hey, I sew!
: I guess I just assumed that since you ship so fast and stock so well you must not have time for anything else

and seriously, cottonbabies is a great resource for people looking for supplies etc. so it makes the list for sure IMO
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I really like www.pinstripesandpolkadots.com and www.zensicallife.com - Those are the two retailers I usually shop at.
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Oooh more! : They're now added.

Keep 'em coming. This is a great list!
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