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Pomegranate kefir

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Holey moley you guys need to try this if you have grains. Or stop by on your way home for a taste. You may need to stay for a while because this stuff will knock you out.

I bought a gallon of pomegranate juice, just pressed. I added some Rapadura (dehydrated can juice) for added sugar and some kefir grains. I let it sit for 2 days and tasted it last night. I was concerned that the juice did not have enough sugar in itself for a good ferment. That was probably not true, but the added sugar is making this stuff a bit fizzy. I had some before bed last night and could feel the alcohol warming my stomach as I drifted of to sleep. The alcohol content is not that high, but it sure seems strong. And all those vitamins! I'm letting it sit for another day or two because it is still higher in sugar than I need.

My kefir grains look like blackberries. I'm sure they will recover, but they are spares anyway, so no worries.
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Man, I am surfing MDC tipsy from this stuff. This can't be good, but of course my husband will be buying another gallon of juice tomorrow. :
It will be great for holiday guests (and hosts).

The grains looked like they have seen better days. I put them in a batch of milk that's stewing.
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Are you serious! How funny. What is pomegranate suppost to be good with? I just noticed the juice in the stores the other day and was wondering. What a good idea to make kefir with it. I don't want the alcohol content though, I wonder how it would turn out just 24 hours with no added sweetner?
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It's supposed to be high in antioxidants. It's also a low pesticide crop at least up to this point. I talked to a pomegranate grower who said that a new pest is invading them here in California anyway, so he said all bets are off in the future. They had been pest-free for the most part.

Without added sugar, I doubt you'd have much alcohol with the kefir grains.
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