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I know I'm new here and I hate to start out on a negative note, but ARRRRGH! I'm having a little pity party.

I'm due January 30th...12 tiny itty bitty little days away. I'm impatient. I anticipated some impatience by this point (this is my third child) but this is out of control.

My right hand and arm tingle and ache with some kind of pregnancy carpal tunnel syndrome and it keeps me up many nights. When I'm not up trying to shake life into my arm, I'm up to potty again and again. This morning, I finally gave up trying to stay in bed and got up at 5:00. I watched a bit of tv sitting in a chair and fell half-asleep for about an hour. Upon waking, I was reminded why I don't sit in chairs in the morning before I'm dressed for the day. My right foot is now so swollen, I don't know how I'll ever get a shoe on.

I do have more pressure in the pelvic region since Thursday and walking has become markedly more difficult and...well, ridiculous-looking. But there is no sign of a mucous plug, no trickle of amniotic fluid, no steady contractions. Walking for two hours at walmart last night didn't do anything, apparently. I'm cranky all the time and I think my older children think I'm a beast.

My pregnancy glow is gone. All the happy joy-joy pregnant stuff is over. And I'm miserable.
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Ack! Am I the only one?
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NO you are not the only one! i am starting to feel miserable but i am only 27 months with twins. i know once i am as far along as you i will be in agony. You are so close and soon it will be all over. i on the other hand am still 10 weeks away!!!
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Ohhhkay. I'll try not to complain for at least the rest of today. 27 weeks (I'm assuming "months" was a typo!) with twins...hooray for YOU!

On a sweeter note, I could hear my husband flipping through channels in the next room and he stopped at a channel talking about nursing mothers. He's so much more involved and connected this time, and he's being very good about assuring me my ankles do NOT look like this when I'm not pregnant.

Good luck with the twins, Stayathomemommy!
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Okay, I am only 30 weeks (months, whatever ), and not with twins, but I will be as miserable as you in a few weeks. I feel I have no right to complain yet,(I am trying to save it fort the last month), though some days the pubic symphisis (sp?) pain is really really bad, and my pants keep falling down and my ankles!! I hear you about the ankles! My god, my ankles are ugly!
The end of a pregnancy is just the worst. Well, besides the beginning :LOL!
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Misery loves company. Thank you, ladies.
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Chellemarie, when I read your post I had to look at the name twice 'cuz I thought I had written it. I'm due on the 30th too and this is my 3rd and my kids and husband think I'm satan. I thought for sure I would go into labor last night--full moon and all--but a lot of nipple twisting, several cups of raspberry tea, and a capsule of evening primrose oil just could'nt do the trick. I just want this to be over with so I can have my baby and get on with my life and act like a normal person again The waiting is killing me!!!! I get up everyday thinking Today could be the day!! and go to be every night so dissapointed. I thought for sure she would be here by now. Maybe we can keep each other company in our misery
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gaiamom...I actually took a nap with my shoes on yesterday afternoon. I was afraid I wouldn't get them back on if I didn't. And I took my wedding ring off...I can still get it on and off, but just barely. I'm NOT having it cut off.

I'm not having contractions and I've found out that (Warning: TMI) wiping just -onemoretime- doesn't make the mucous plug appear.

I'm chicken to try raspberry tea. The first two women I knew of who used it did not have the labors they wanted (one planned homebirth that ended in c-section, the other induced 2 weeks after her original due date) and I can't make my brain disassociate the tea.

So far, I've done the walking and the sex. The only thing it's doing is making me tired (and dh happy). :

Good luck, gaiamom. Hopefully we both get out of this soon. (But I do hope I'm first!)

Edited to add: I don't think the moon looks good for our actual due date. I was counting on this weekend or never. Blah.
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Hey! I have the same due date, 1/30! But it's only my first baby. Dh and I have been doing a lot of cleaning. I am waiting for a wave of nesting energy to overtake me, but so far I'm just cleaning because things look gross to me, not because I've got any special energy for it. : It kind of hurts my back, but I just can't stand it anymore.

I'm not scared of raspberry leaf tea, but I am a little hesitant about the nipple thing. I'm also not THAT miserable, but I am getting sick of falling asleep everywhere. I'm going out to get some other herbs today, I called my herbalist friend who is very cautious and I'm going to cautiously be cautious as I take some small amounts of blue and black cohosh tincture and motherwort. and maybe I'll try the nipple business, I dunno. I'm not as optimistic as I might be, I washed all my maternity work clothes again for the coming week in case I have another week of rolling like a dumpling around my office....
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Ooh. Can we swap symptoms? I'll trade you one swollen right foot for the falling asleep everywhere thing. I'd ENJOY that one!

A first baby...sooo exciting. Best of luck to you on an easy and not-too-long labor and delivery.
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My right foot is swollen too, what's up with that? I totally understand about the shoe thing, this is where kids come in handy--I've taught them how to take my boots on and off Hey, out of curiosity, how big is your belly measuring? My 3yr. old told me today I looked like a big fat peanut.
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Oh yeah, right with you, mamas. I'm due February 1, and the next two weeks are stretching ahead of me like 2 years. I thought it would be pretty nifty if all that walking at the peace march yesterday sent me into labor - but all it did was wear me out and make me want to go home and hibernate. Can't pick up ds anymore, can barely roll over in bed - well, I'll stop there, as you all can fill in the rest of my littany of complaints. My only consolation is that my ankles haven't swollen up this time the way they did with #1. (But I've been there, so all my sympathy to those afflicted!)
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gaiamom...you mean how big is it measuring AROUND? I have no idea and I'm not going to check. Seeing the number would surely cause cardiac arrest.

At my last appointment, I was measuring at 39 weeks. I've been about a week ahead the whole time with that measurement and chaulked it up to being big beforehand.

And how is it that one side is more swollen than the other? I really don't get that.

Rolling over in bed. This is the good one. I look so forward to being able to do that and then WHAMMO! Engorgement sets in and porno-boobs get in the way of the roll-over even more than the preggo belly.

The only consolation in that is I'll soon be able to torture dh by squirting him from across the room right after his shower.
He hates that. HA!
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OMG Chellemarie, are we TWINS ? My night was exactly like yours except I took a shower at 5 am, while you were watching TV, because I smelled like pee. I must have walked 10 miles last night trying to WALK life into my right arm, because once it gets bad that is the only thing that works. And then when I woke up I HAD SWOLLEN FEET FOR THE FIRST TIME THIS PREG. WTF !!! I am 38 weeks right now. Just repeat your post verbatim for the rest.

(((hugs))) and I'm supposed to last until Feb 7th, plus they are bugging me to get an u/s on Tuesday to measure fetal weight I am so big. Ummm, how bout...BIG - does it really matter HOW big ? I'm the one who has to push it out Grrrr..
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Oh, I'm dying over here! Engoregement and porno boobs! Thanks for the best laugh I've had in a long time- I sure needed it! (And boy do I remember those days- just about 20 more weeks to go!)
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Originally posted by chellemarie
The only consolation in that is I'll soon be able to torture dh by squirting him from across the room right after his shower. He hates that. HA!
I laughed out loud at that, and my dh asked why. Now he wants to know if I'm going to squirt him with breast milk, too!

I really haven't gotten that far. I'm still coming to terms with the idea that I'm going to feel like I've been riding a horse (!) for another week or so. It's not the getting up to pee or the ankle swelling that is getting to me, but the saddle-soreness. I keep humming cowboy songs under my breath.

But I'm guessing that is something that does NOT get better after birth!
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If you're even a teensy bit like me, once you see you can squirt a fair distance, you'll shoot at him.

If I had saddle-soreness along with the rest of this mess, I'd just lie down and moan until baby arrives.
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