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Anyone else "drop" yet?

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I dropped down, I am sure of it-DH says I look REALLY low.

So, I was 3 cm, but not down at my last appt. (my only internal) so I may go soon. (wishful thinking as they were all late babes here!)

I HOPE I go soon, as I keep feeling contractions and pressure, and I would much rather have the babe sooner than later. (I feel like a giant ripe peach! LOL!)

Funny how I know my conception date so it moved back my due date so much. Originally I was due on Dec. 28th.
We'll see soon enough I guess!
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I think I dropped at the end of last week. Suddenly my heartburn's gone and I'm eating bigger portions at meal times without any problems. And I'm peeing at night WAY more often! Last night was a blessing because I only got up twice!
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It still feels like I'm gestating this child in my chest, but my midwife insists that it is really low. I look like I'm lower and I have less heartburn so I must have dropped but I still feel baby parts up high. Probably because I'm so short-waisted.

Originally Posted by kellywhalen
Funny how I know my conception date so it moved back my due date so much. Originally I was due on Dec. 28th.
My LMP EDD would have been Dec. 9! I charted to get pg so I know how late I ovulated and I know that Jan. 7 the real EDD. Can you imagine, though, thinking that you were, like, 6 weeks overdue? That's how "late" this baby will probably be according to LMP.
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I am very short waisted, so I can't tell often when I do "drop". I never noticed a change with either of my pregnancies either. I do know I am VERY uncomfortable. Contractions that stop me in my tracks because they are beginning to get a bit painful. I'm peeing in the middle of the night with so much urgency that the past week I've had to carry my 2 year old in the bathroom with me (she won't let me leave if she's half awake at all) because I simply could NOT wait another second.

My original edd according to my lmp was Jan 6th.. early ultrasound moved it to the 12th. :
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I'm not due until Jan. 21, but I'm about positive this baby dropped sometime yesterday. All of a sudden it feels like the kid is going to fall out every time I stand up, my PSD has suddenly got a lot worse, my heartburn is easing up, and my belly is pretty much resting on top of my legs!
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I'm not due until Jan 19th, but she has definitely dropped. My fundus measurements are less and I'm 50% effaced with a soft cervix. And I'm 1cm dilated already! My midwife has me on very limited activity, because I'm barely 35 weeks. She says if I can get myself past Christmas, we can have our homebirth! Keeping my fingers (and legs) tightly crossed....
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Yeah, I'm not due untill the 19th (or 25th) by ultrasound) but I dropped about a month ago. I carry my babies sooooo low, it was the same with DS. It means I have very little heartburna nd such, but do have a massive head wedged in my pubis for months. On the other hand it also means the baby most likely won't flip as its so wedged in there. At my last appt 33 weeks I was only measuring 28 cause the baby was so low! And by the end with DS the MW could only find his head from the inside! Nothing like having a baseball wedged in you vagina for 2 months eh? lOl

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We might have dropped, I dont know for sure see my other post regarding that.
I guess the midwife will be able to better tell me at our visit this afternoon.

We will be 37 weeks on Monday but this baby better hold on until the New Year.

Off to loolk for that box of 0-3 months clothes..guess those will be needed long before all the other boxes I have dragged up and are the wrong sizes.
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