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Wacky question - UC in hospital?

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This may be a long shot, but has anyone had a UC (accidental or on purpose) in the hospital?

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My mother did! When she went to the hospital to have me, the doctor on call (not her doctor) didn't believe that she was really in labor, and told her to go back home. She insisted on staying (had already had one baby and knew that I would be born soon). He finally agreed to let her stay, but no one was going to be monitoring her labor. After an hour or so she called the nurse because she felt that things were getting really intense and wondered if she might want some drugs if in fact there were still hours to go. The nurse sat with her through one contraction, told her that it really wasn't anything, and said she'd go to get her a hot water bottle to see if that helped. One minute later, my head was born! My dad was the only one in the room, and he ran out calling for a doctor. It was 3:30 a.m., and everyone was sleeping. He ran back to the room, and the rest of my body came out. A couple of minutes later the nurse returned with the hot water bottle (she had gone off the floor to get it). My mom's favorite part of the story is how the hospital sent her a bill for the birth! She called them up and said that she "would not be sueing them, but she certainly wasn't going to pay the bill either."

I don't think the doctors would go for letting someone choose to have a UC in the hospital, though!

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A friend did accidently. She was only 34 weeks, so would think they would have been monitoring more closely. She was on the phone with her mom (another friend and I were out getting her some Taco Bell because that was her craving and the hospital food was yucky LOL) and told her mom "umm, hold on, I think something just fell out!" lifted the sheets, and sure enough, there's her baby boy! She pushed the nurse button, and then told her mom "IT'S A BOY!! Come one down!" The nurses were still appologizing when we showed up with the food, and were not about to tell her not to eat
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Please help me, what is UC? I get the idea from the responses, but what does it stand for?
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UC = Unassisted Childbirth
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Wow. I was a million miles from that in my guesses. Thanks for getting my muddled brain back on track.
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I did, on accident, but I was so glad it happened that way.

With dd, I had originally planned to do a home birth, but I went into labor too early and ended up at the hospital.

There were 14 other women besides me in labor that night, they were busy. I put my request in to do things as naturally as I could. For the most part, they left me alone.

I felt her crown. I buzzed the nurses and told them she was coming out. They told me it was my imagination, I wasn't dialated to ten centimeters. My body was telling me differently.

So, then I knew, it was supposed to happen this way. A nurse wandered in right about a minute after she came out, right into dh's waiting hands. It was hysterical. Instead of helping us, the nurse pushed the red panic button and stood there. Within a minute about 15 doctors were in the room, with all this equipment, all standing around, not sure what to do.

The nurse later told me that I was the first woman she'd even seen deliver naturally, let alone by myself. Most women in that hospital get C-sections or are so drugged up they have to wake them up to pull the baby out.

I was so afraid of all the interventions and drugs they were trying to make us accept, it was the best present ever that she came by herself, with just us to welcome her, at least for a few minutes.

It was a miracle.
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