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stealth ads

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Hello all - I'm new to this forum but I wanted to raise an issue that has been bothering me lately - stealth advertising to children. A lot of shows are being turned into commercials, they've got so many brand name mentions in them. I don't let my kids watch the junk food ads but what can I do when it's built right into the show? I've been visiting some websites of groups like Commercial Alert - they say this stuff borders on subliminal advertising and it's only going to get worse. ugh. It brings me one step closer to tossing the TV out the window. I ran across this link for a spoof of stealth ads - if you saw Survivor Palau, it's not that far from the truth...

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The two books Branded and Born to Buy address this and other issues regarding marketing to children at length. I feel it is very important that parents and educators are aware of these issues and are proactive in guiding our kids to be critical thinkers and media savvy. The media are effective in subverting positive parent and teacher influneces - they want to vilify us and get kids "on their side"! I probably sound paranoid here - I do feel that the media has tremendous power over a whole generation of children, and does not have the best interests of these kids in mind.
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I completely agree.
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This article http://www.mothering.com/guest_edito...ercialism.html on the mothering site talks about how much money is being spent on attracting kids using the Narnia movie: $150 million in corporate tie-ins!

WOW! I think it's pretty obvious that the corporations spending this kind of money aren't doing it for kicks! They're doing it because it works!! I just go nuts when people act as if grown adults, much less children, can just decide not to buy something. When they act as if the idea that ads have a pervasive and deep influence on the choices people make and the way they feel is a nutty idea - like ads are just to "educate" people about product choices. Why do they hire psychologists to come up with manipulative techniques if it doesn't work? Why is such an enormous amount of $$ spent on ads then? Ranting I know.

And the truly sick thing is they have all these sleazy ways of completely cutting the parents out of the loop - for instance in the article above the author writes about Disney's "Narnia Education Guide" being sent to schools.

Commercial Alert is a fabulous organization - they have an email alert list you can sign up for on their website: http://www.commercialalert.org/

Another good group is Campaign for a Commercial-free Childhood: http://www.commercialfreechildhood.org/
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