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OB appointment this morning

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Hi All

I was MIA all day yesterday due to the flu. Yes, I got what Gracie had, only about 500 times worse, it was the worst flu I have had in years. Needless to say my body has cleansed it's self from both ends!!

I have an appointment today with my OB, I am seeing the one that is probably my favorite. Since the body cleansing I have been feeling a lot of cramps and contractions, so I am going to have her check me. I was checked last week and I was 1cm and -1 station. I am hoping there will be more good news today. Having this baby sooner than later helps ensure my VBAC success because then they won't focus on how big he might be. So, wish me luck!!!
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Let us know how it goes!!!

Namaste, Tara
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Alice, SO sorry you and Gracie had to suffer this virus!! Ugh! Well, it's one new set of antibodies that baby will get from you, right? Better before than after. I hope DP somehow avoids it.

I hope it did some work on your cervix and that you get good news at your appt. Let us know!

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Good news- they also had me do a NST and everything was fine. I didn't know that was on the adgenda today, but it was really no biggie. Anyway, I was a "good 1 cm " and 60% efaced. The doctor was able to touch the baby's head without any problem, she said he's not fully engaged, but close!!

Bad news- more talk of induction. They still want me to do the 38 week ultrasound, so I scheduled it, but since I have to go to another office for it I scheduled it as far off as possible, not until the 27th. I am hoping that I will already be holding the baby by then!! Thank goodness for the holidays, they made it easy to put off the appointment with the office being closed. If he is measuring 8 1/2 pounds or more they will want to induce. I don't know if there will be any way to talk them out of that, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. I am just trying to stave everything off as long as possible and not stress out about the details ahead of time.

DH and I are going to put serious effort into convincing this baby to come this weekend, i.e.- 3 times in 24 hours, lots of pineapple (even though it's not such a great idea with my sugar problems), some champange, and lots of walking. I also have some cohosh I can start taking, but I think I will wait until crunch time (actually having an induction scheduled) before I will start that.

That's the scoop!!
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We had our ultrasound and non-stress test today too. Our baby is measuring at 9lbs 3oz at 37 1/2 weeks (I'm GD). I was told that if the non stress tests and my bp etc. continued to be good they would not intervene with a CS or an induction but give me a fair go of it to deliver naturally. Obviously they would re-evaluate after term if we haven't delivered by then.

Is this intervention customary in the US?

Edited to add: I should mention that this is our first baby... maybe it's the same in Canada if you have already been sectioned, I'm not sure...?
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Well, I don't know what's normal. I want to have a VBAC, but they seem to be putting too much emphasis on his size being what will help that be successful, not avoiding intervention. I feel just the opposite, it doesn't matter what his size is, we just need to let nature take it's course. As the next week or so goes by I can see if I can get that accross to the doctors!! They are a lot more worried than I am about him coming out without intervention!! I am just trying to put things off as long as possible and not rush anything. As long as they don't get frantic I should be fine. I am walking the fine line of getting what I want and not alienating (sp?) my caregivers.

It will be such a relief to have this all over!!!
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Alice, just remember that they can't induce someone who is not there. They can schedule all they want, but if you don't wna it, you don't have to show up. Even if you chose to still deliver in the hospital but not to do the induction, they can't turn you away if you show up in labor. Just throwing that out there.

Namaste, Tara
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Alice, try a castor oil smoothy mixed w/orange juice! It's awful, but I went into labor w/my first son this way!

***Granted, it was so bad I would go a month overdue before I took it again! LOL
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