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Could this be thrush?

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I am nursing an almost 11 month old who is now waking up all night long as of the last few weeks or so. he used to sleep through the night. But I have noticed ( and last night it was sooooo bad) that my nipples are sooo sore.

I inspected them in the shower today adn they are bright red. I can pretty much rule out pregnancy and my supply seems to be fine. Can it be thrush? Ds doesn't appear to have any of the symptoms. He had it when he was born ( antibiotics from c-sect) so I know what it looks like.

If it is, is there something I can do without gettignn a prescription? I still have some of the Nysatin we swabbed his mouth with from before. I never got it then though. Could it be my breasts getting used to "more action: Before we nursed probably 4-5 times a 24 hour period. Now its more close to 8 thanks to his night wakings.

I greatly appreciate the advice and help as I am in a lot of pain and dont want to stop bfing......but its killing me. and oh, I dont have a dr. right now cuz of insurance problems!

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My advice would be to call your local La Leche League leader or your lactation consultant. In my experience, mom and baby both get thrush. Thrush is also accompanied by white spots or patches around the nipple/areolae. You could also ask your midwife. Definately ask someone before you use the Nystatin though, as it is a prescription med.
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Re: Could this be thrush?

Dr. Jay Gordon recommends the use of GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract) in the treatment of thrush. Go here for more information:
Identifying and Treating Thrush

We also took the recommendations for fungal infections found in the current Prescriptives for Nutritional Healing.

Garlic (3x daily - take 2 at each meal)
Acidophilus (2 taken in the morning with breakfast)
Additional Vitamin C
Maintained my prenatal vitamins for the full spectrum

If a yeast diaper rash shows - the Acidophilus mixed with distilled water makes a wonderful paste for the bum that will nip it in the bud really fast.

Hope that helps!
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I recently used this remedy to clear up a mild case of thrush for dd and myself. Mix 2 TBS. olive oil with 8 drops each of lavender and tea tree essential oils. Apply to baby's mouth and mom's nipples a few times a day. It worked wonderfully for us.
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