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Question about nursing frequency and supply

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I'm a SAHM with an exclusively bf 7 month old. I do work three Saturdays a month. DH brings babe to work and I nurse her. I;m not nursing her nearly as much as I normally do when we are home. I don't really count her nursings during the day so hard to say how often she does. Certainly for meals and for comfort when she falls. (She is full tilt crawling and pulling up on things and occasionally takes a spill if I'm not in arms reach). I would have to guess that she nurses at least 8 times during the day. On a working Sat she might only nurse 3.
Is nursing less frequently one day a week going to impact my supply?
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I'm no expert, but I doubt it. Does she nurse more once you're home to make up for lost time? Does she nurse longer at work than she might when she has you available all the time? She's probably a very efficient nurser at this point, too.

I think you're probably fine, but why don't you email some of the LLL leader types here like DaryLLL just to make sure?

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Thanks Jane, She does nurse longer at work than she would otherwise. It's more like she takes a full meal rather than a snack. I also nurse both sides at work at each feeding rather than only one which I tend to do at home as she nurses so frequently at home I just switch around. I didn't mention that we cosleep and she nurses when she wakes at night. That used to be 2-3 times but has increased to 3-6 with teething.
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Sounds like you're doing just fine with this arrangement. How wonderful that your dh is so supportive.

The increase in night nursing may be because of your new schedule rather than teething.
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Yeah, or both! You are lucky to have such an adaptable baby and helpful dh!
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Thanks for the support of DH. He is really the best. There isn't a thing he wouldn't do for his little girl! Trust me, I'm worried when she gets verbal and can really whine a little. She already has him jumping at her every whim (as all babies should from their caregivers!)

So I shouldn't worry about supply? I think I don't drink enough water and really notice that I have a more intense let down feeling when I'm up on the water intake. I do get a little full on the work days when she is not nursing alot. I just didn't want to be interfering with the supply for her. DH could make his errands shorter and make sure she is there to eat more frequently if you experienced gals said it was a problem.

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