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When do you consider induction at home?

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I am curious when mamas out there start to try to jump start their labor at home?

I have heard a variety of techniques to try to get things going from enema, to herbs, to acupuncture, to sweaping of membranes, nipple stimulation, sex...etc etc etc....

When do people start doing these things, in general?
At due date? At 2 weeks over?

I am one of those annoying nervous pregnant women who worries too much and I went 15 days over with Bean before I agreed to have my waters broken. She was born 16 days over 9lbs, 22.5 inches and no signs of post maturity at all. Very healthy.

I really want to start labor on my own this time, but I just don' t feel like it will happen and I wonder if I should try any of the at home techniques or if it is still too premature.
I certainly don't want to rush this little sprout if she/he isn't ready.

I'll be 5 days over the EDD on Sunday and I know the date is right on because we had been trying and were keeping track to the day etc...

Just looking for advice/ideas.
Hoping I won't have to make that decision that I had to make last time...
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You might be one of those women who simply gestate longer then others. Women have different length of menstral cycles, so it stands to reason that our pregnancies would vary too. I went 2 weeks over with ds and tried to induce with herbs because I feared a hospital induction. I don't know why I didn't just refuse to be induced. Every pregnant women gives birth eventually....although it sure doesn't feel like it in the last few weeks. For some reason doctors decided that more then 2 weeks overdue was too long even though studies do not back that up (another case of "medlore" I guess). (Sorry to sound discouraging )
Of course you could try all the natural, non-interventative stuff any time (lots of walking, sex, moving furniture, hiking, stairs, massage, etc). Even if it doesn't put you into labour it might help to keep your mind off of it Meanwhile I'll send you lots of labour vibes Good luck.
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My midwife also informed me that the natural induction methods doesnt always work for everyone. Its mainly as a 'kicking' method if your body was meant to give birth soon.

I had a strong feeling that I was going to give birth early (first one was one week early). Also thought I was going to have full moon baby as I concieved on full moon.

I did all the induction methods, acupuncture on Sunday, homeopathic remedies, oil with cranberry juice, sex (on morning labour actually started), nursed my toddler, etc. Within two days of starting all these...labour started. Not sure what triggered it but I am so certain they all helped and worked together.

Main thing is not to get stressed out and try to tune in with your body to see if it can give you some signals.

I was 2 weeks short of due date. I think around 38-40 weeks should be good time to try to start. But dont get discouraged if nothing works. STress will only prolong labour induction.

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My ds was 6 days late and I knew the day we conceived. I was so tired and wasn't sleeping well. One of my massage friends does therapeutic touch and she gave me a treatment the day before Dane arrived. I didn't have her do it to induce labor, just to relax. It worked! She told me afterwards that it also worked on her SIL.

Also, there are pressure points around the inside of your ankle that can stimulate uterine contractions. I've done this on mom's in labor and its helped.

BTW~When's the next full moon???

Good luck~

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the 18th of Jan was the full moon. If you need to know the next one I can look in my calendar.

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