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I have the winter blues

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I need some ideas from you all.
For those of you that don't know, I'm a sahm to a 4mo. and 7yr that is home schooled. Its winter here in Indiana and i've been couped up in the house. I'm becoming depressed. I need to get out of this funk and this house. Can you think of any fun ideas for us to do through out the day? with little or no money of course.
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Bake cookies? Turn on some loud music and dance around the house?

When I lived in IL (11 years ago) I would go to a tanning bed once a week or so to help my attitude. Not good for the skin, but great for the attitude.
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Oh, I remember those winter blues!
Don't know if your 7 yr. old is a dd or not but today dd & I made fairy hats. I cut a hole in a paper plate & we taped long strings of Christmas ribbon from the ends. Actually I made it for her to wave around while we danced, but she turned it into a hat! (smarty pants. )
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When I need to get out of the house with ds for no money we head to the local library!
Loud music and dancing always puts me in a good mood!
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I get this too. This sounds stupid, but just standing outside facing the sun (with my eyes closed) for a few minutes every day helps. Also 5-htp and essential fatty acid supplements (I do fish oil and flax seed oil). Other than that, play in the snow a lot I guess. Go for walks around the block. Are you within walking distance of anything?
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Same here.

Thank you.
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I'll be starting a thread about ideas for fighting the winter blues soon! Like right after the holidays.

Exercise and joyful movement are the enemies of depression. Dance, playing hide and seek or tag, go for a FAST walk, or do hard physical labor-moving firewood, shoveling, etc.

GO OUT. It doesn't matter where. I love the library. If you haven't been to your local library lately, ask for a tour. Do you KNOW what's there? Vidoes, hundreds of tehm, all free, any book known to mankind, computers, information, clubs, childrens groups, craft days, contests for kids. Can't find the book you want, they can order it for you. ANYTHING!

Any childrens museums near you? See if they have a free afternoon, or ...check at the library and see if they have free passes.

What's near you? Can you ice skate? Babe could go in one of those sleds you push, you and 7 yo coud get some exercise.

TURN UP THE MUSIC! Blare it. Sing along like crazy, have contests for who dances crazier.

Have rewards...go for a walk on a cold day, get a hot chocolate when you get back.

Our local elementary school has community sing every Friday. Everyone is welcome.
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Mods sorry you had to move this thread. I was unsure where to post.
Thanks for all the ideas. I'll definitly be watching out for your thread red.
ha ha thread, red. Im pretty silly tonight.
I need to check out the library. We just moved and havn't been to it yet.
I try to go outside everyday. Some days im just so blah that I don't wanna do anything. My poor dd. I feel so bad for her. This week has been so long and boring. Flax seed sounds like a great idea. I should be taking it not just for me but for my nursling.
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