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Milk allergy questions

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My three year old has had colds and ear infections all winter and vomitted a lot this past summer. In another post, someone mentioned that it might be a milk allergy.

He doesn't drink cow's milk (just mine), but LOVES cheese and eats it at almost every meal.

How/where do I start with eliminating dairy? Any good books? How do I determine if it truly is a milk allergy?

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you start by eliminating all dairy for at least 3 weeks... I know it seems radical, especically since he loves his cheese, but if it is making him ill it really isn't good for him.. It takes a couple of weeks for all the dairy antibodies to get out of his system, so if he is still having the same problems after that time i would look into something else as the culprit..


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My son also had ear infections and vomitting until he was diagnosed with milk allergy--- the emergency room doctor told me that it is very common for babes with ear infections to be lactose intolerant. My son was also breastfed. I had to take dairy out of his diet as well as my own in order to treat him. Once dairy was out of our diets he never had another ear infection. He got dairy accidentally once tho when I gave him tofurella cheese which contains caesin---milk protien powder--and had a very bad reaction to it.....If you do try to eliminate dairy, watch out for caesin as it is hidden on many labels and not called milk protien powder even tho that's what it is......Also, now that my son is older, 7, he can now eat dairy products---he outgrew the allergy!! Good luck!!!
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