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Tell me your baby's movements....

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Midwives say baby is transverse, but I just don't believe it.
I feel large rolling/thumping movements deep inside(like above my bottom). Up top on the left is something long and very hard like a knee/leg. On the right side it just feels firm. Top middle of my stomach feels firm.
Most all of my movements today have been that inner/low area, with the exception of the leg/arm pushing out on top.

So, where are you all feeling movements? I'd like to compare my movements to those of you who have head down babies and see if mine is similar.
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You can try the belly mapping from www.spinningbabies.com if you want and see how that matches up with what you're feeling.

With my babe I feel a large round lump (butt)on my upper left side and I can stroke down a solid curve (back) to around my pubic bone. I feel feet on my right side, that are sometimes angled more to my back. I don't feel hands (small fluttery movements) that often at all and when I do it's either towards my back or towards my right hip. I have a LOA baby (the same as DS, so nothing new there).

For markers try to find round hard things, those are the head and butt. If you're feeling movement towards your back then the baby is probably turned that way, meaning you should find a long firm expanse of baby back to touch.

And to answer your cord prolapse question- the risk of cord prolapse for transverse exists for the same reason as it does for a breech presentation. When your water breaks and there isn't a big part of baby to press against the cervix and keep anything else from slipping out, there's the risk of cord prolapse. I believe the risk is much lower for a frank breech (butt first) then it is for a footling breech (foot/feet first) for that reason.

I hope you find what you're looking for!
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: Great answer!!

My baby is head down but flip flops from LOA to ROA to OP to straight OA and all over. Guess she likes to wiggle...we don't call her Rythm for nothing! I can feel a butt on the right side, and a knee on the left with feet coming back towards the middle. She has at least one hand down by her head. When looking for hard round things, butts and heads feel alot alike, but a head will move if you move it and the baby will react to you messing with it. Another way to know you've found a head is if you find that long back curve and keep following it, one end will be a butt and it will really just feellike the curve gets bigger and the other is the head,and that feelsl ike a drop off before the bump, which is where the shoulders and neck are.

Namaste, Tara
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My movements have felt pretty much the same the whole pregnancy.

There is a large round lump on either the right or left above my bellybutton. I think that's the baby's butt. I feel a hard mass where my bladder used to be, I think that's the baby's head.

I feel tiny flutters on either side of my hips, kind of deep inside, I think those are the hands, and lots of kicks and rolling movements up above my belly button, the whole way across.... I think those are the knees and feet. My baby switches from LOP to ROP a lot, I think. But always nicely posterior. :P I don't feel a long hard curve anywhere, and I think that's cause the back is to my back.
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My little guy is butt up, he hangs his legs down my right side and does a great job of kicking me in the ribs!! His back is a little to the left of center and his head is way down there. I think he likes to put a hand up next to or above his face and head too, sometimes I it seems like I really feel him "knocking" just on the other side of my cervix, it's really weird!! I figure that must be a hand.

His positioning is pretty much identical to the way Gracie was. But he moves a ton more than she did, he's super active!!
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It's so funny you asked this question because last night the freakiest thing happened: baby stretched out sideways with his head down above my left hip and his feat diagonal across my middle up under my right ribs...no shit you guys..it was wierd. It felt aweful like I was going to puke and the whole family(including company) got a good laugh watching my belly do the funky chicken The whole position was just so obvious and it was like he just wanted to have a big stretch; I wish I would have taken a picture cuz it looked so funny.
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Well, I'd just like to announce that my baby is ROA!!!! Yay!!! I intend to keep him that way. I"m still feeling kicks in the front, but now that I think about it, the big bulge I've been feeling has been pretty much on the right for a while now. And midwife found the heartbeat on my right side today. I think the reason I can't feel the back, is because my placenta is also on the right, and it's cushioning the baby so I can't feel it very well.
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