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Mama Cloth how-to?

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Need advice on materials, how many layers, etc.
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Me too! :
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What is a Mama cloth?
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Mama cloth is Cloth pads for mom. Depending on you flow will determine how many layers you want and what kind of material your using.

I use 4-8 layers of flannel for the soaker on mine. If you use sherpa as a soaker use layers.

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Here is a link

Hello Ladies:

I am not sure if y'all are still needing/wanting any information about what materials to use for mama cloth, but here is a link that may prove useful to you both.


Click on the link for forums and scroll down until you see a section called, Cloth Talk. This section is dedicated to menstural alternatives so there is 20 pages that you can go through and hopefully you will find what you are looking for.

I went through all 20 pages (I think I am a bit addicted to cloth ) and read quite a bit and learned about some new cloth pads makers I didn't know. There is a bit of posting about making your own (along with pictures, details about fabric, and how to) in those 20 pages.

Most say that 4 layers (top layer of flannel or cotton, 2 soaker layers terrycloth, flannel or cotton/fleece mix, and a water barrier of some sort like fleece or PUL) is enough.

I use 4-6 layers of cotton/fleece. As the PP said, it really depends on your flow.

Have fun!
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I've had the same cloth pads from Glad Rags for 15 years. Before that, I had one of their pads and simply made my own copies out of flannel. Those lasted the first 15 years. Two layers of flannel with a slit in the bottom panel for inserting more layers if needed. They look like winged thin maxipads and they snap at the "wing" closure.

I almost never needed the extra layers, maybe once or twice, but I would use them in the same way as panty shields because they were the same size as mini-pads were back in the day.
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Six layers of flannel and PUL on the bottom is what I use. I made my own after a design I saw that I really liked. It has wings and snaps but folds out so it gets thoroughly cleaned and dries quickly.

You really can't go wrong when making your own. You can use as many layers as feel comfortable to you. What keeps the blood from wicking on your clothes would be PUL or a layer of thicker fleece on the bottom.
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