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Yay! I bought some cloth diapers. At least I'm getting something for this kid!! My husband isn't totally on board with the cloth, but hopefully I can do it right and it will work. I got the Mothereases.

I had a very interesting OB appointment. He had a long conversation with me about how easy its going to be to get me "unpregnant" on the date and time that I choose. I was thinking, "How about we wait til I go into labor?" Sheesh....and they're all busy inducing everyone at the hospital this week to get it over with so no one is on call for Christmas and the patients can get their little tax break before Jan 1st. Can I just say, THANKS to all of you for being YOU?? I don't know what I'd do without the information I've gotten here and knowing that there are LOTS of people who don't do the mainstream thing.
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That is horrible! I would probably FLIP if my doctor said that to me!
I have a friend who is currently trying to get pregnant and she keeps telling me that she is going to get a C-Section so that she doesn't have to "mess up everything down there". No matter what I say, she keeps coming back with "well all the stars are doing in now"!!! It blows me away......

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...by the way, wanted to add that I am SO excited to get my cloth diapers! I haven't purchased them yet, but I am looking forward to getting all of them. This is my first time and I think I finally figured out what I want to get. This will be my husband's first time too. So far he's on board with the cloth diapers because it will save us money.

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Boy, ahwuko, that's so frustrating to hear! I hope you told him exactly what you thought of that suggestion.

I've heard great things about the Motherease diapers, and you can use them for all sizes! I guess figuring out the snaps is the hardest thing! I got a bunch of used Kissaluvs and wraps with a few AIOs for going out (and for dad ).
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Oh I'm not upset about it...I'm moving in Feb (that's the plan) and changing to a CNM at a birth center, so I just go with the flow. Its actually kind of amusing! I haven't told them I'm not delivering there.
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