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Ok I have been whining about what a jerk my dh has been for the last year (and then some.) and today I have to tell you what a hero he was.

My friend (hahamommy - she is actually an MDC mom.. some of you may know her) found out her dd had Lukemia 2 weeks ago. 10 days actualy. 10 short days. today we found out she was on life support. Our friend heard a rumor and wanted to verify so she tried to call me but I forgot my phone. She called dh and asked if he knew anything. he was so upset that he left work (which was absolutely out of the question today) just so that he could tell me. He was so worried and wanted to make sure that we knew and could be in prayer about it immedieately that he left work and drove all the way across town, guessed where I might be!! just to let us know. His act of selfless sweetness and tenderness towards not just me but my friend and her dd had us all bawling. My friend had already called and we had every phone at our disposal going trying to get the facts which is why he couldn't call to where he thought i was. He also took the girls tonight so that I could visit and volunteered to be the big strong daddy and be the oneto break the bad news to our dd. Very sad circumstances but praise God for leading my dh to tendernss for our famly as well as Diana's and for his spiritual and family leadership in this. I can't even begin to express how deeply this has touched me. dang it. that is the man I married!!

and the news is bad. You dear women of prayer, please be praying for Diana (Hahamommy) and her dd (Hannah) throughout the night and tomarrow. Outside of a miraculous healing (don't stop praying for that) they expect her to pass away sometime tomarrow. She is on total life support and declining quickly. this is made even sadder in that she lost her dh to cancer just 5 years ago. So despite being surrounded by family she stil has to go though this without her husband. That just seems so much harder to me. I can't imagine shouldering so much grief.
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How very sad. My uncle just came through leukemia treatment, and I know it's so scary. To think of losing a little one to it.... May the Lord be with that precious family through it all.
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Hi I just wanted to let you know that Hannah passed away in the early hours of the morning. Please reemmber her family today.
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I have been praying for the family lilyka. As I have stated in the past Death and Illness are the two worst issues as a believer because you are NOT in control. Blessings to the family and to you as you minister to them.
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Many prayers for hannahs mommy. May the Lord be her comfort and peace.
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Hello all. Just wanted to let you know that DH went back to work yesterday. I am not sure how long this job will last but even if this one is short he will not lose his rank on hte layoff list meaning he will likely go right back out. Shutdowns are coming up again so we will likely miss him for the next few months. Here I am in charge again. The fun begins.
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Just wanted to reach out and say helo to all of you. I am praying that everything is going well.
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Everything is well and good here,except for a flu bug that hit this weekend. Not too bad though.
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Ooh, that nasty bug. I'll be praying for you.
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yuck. we are finally all over it i think. It was nasty.
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Originally Posted by lilyka
yuck. we are finally all over it i think. It was nasty.
Glad to hear it. How is everything? You've been on my mind lately.
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Hi Guys! I have been without a computer for two months now, and am going to try to catch up with you guys. I am glad to say that in spite of our huge job move and such, our marriage is doing great.

I am so sad to hear of hahamommy's loss....
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bamamom welcome back. We missed you. Glad to know it didn't take too much of a toll on you guys.
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Wanted to pop in and say that we are expecting baby #4!!!!

We are thrilled! I am so excited. :

We placed our fertility in God's hands and he has chosen the time.

I love you all! I am sorry I have not been able to get on here much. You are all in my prayers!
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Originally Posted by lilyka
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Woo Hoo!!!!! congrats!
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Originally Posted by whimsy
Woo Hoo!!!!! congrats!
Thank you whimsy! I honestly feel like jumping up and down. Such a blessing :
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Glad to hear that angelbee. Hope all goes well for you.
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As a submitting believing woman how and when do you decide to attempt to bring another blessing into the family. The first two were no brainers for us. We knew we wanted DC and knew we would have more than one. Now the stumper is how and when and what is Gods voice and what is our selfish desire? I hope this question makes sense. If clarification is needed let me know.
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