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breaking the night routine

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My 9 mos old ds use to sleep anywhere between 9-11 pm !!! needless to say it was hard to get him established on a nightly routine. Finally i was able to in the past two weeks. He bathes early and now he's down early about 8pm. Thank goodness!
My question though is on Tuesday nights i would like to take my son to a class with me and probably would not be able to put him to bed until 9:30. Does anyone know if i change his schedule once a week if it would completely disturb his routine?

Also, i noticed by changing his sleep schedule earlier its hard to go out and eat or to visit family friends. we would have to leave by 7 pm other wise he gets cranky. Does anyone have the same problem? or what have you ladies done? TIA!!
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My son is 9 months, too (4-12-02). He put himself on a bedtime at 3 months old of 8:30 and then he's backed it off the last couple of months to about 7. Not easy to have any evening outs, that's for sure!

Anyway, we have church on Friday nights and it lasts to at least 9pm. By the time we get home it's 10pm. It throws him off for the next two days. By Monday night we're back on schedule, but we go through the whole thing again on Fridays. In fact, he wants to go to sleep now but won't. Just fusses and isn't happy, but WON'T go to sleep when I try putting him to bed!

They love routine...perhaps your baby would have no problem with one night out. All you can do is try it and see!
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Yay for the 9 month-olds. I've got one, too, who set up his own schedule several months ago to go to bed at 8:00 sharp. Definitely makes it harder to go out, but we just try to do everything earlier--beats the dinner rush, too! When we have to be out later, ds doesn't seem to mind. So, I suppose it all has to do with his temperament. Sometimes, if he goes way past, though, he's a basket case and won't go down until past 11. It's really rare, though. Hope it works out!
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