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: Welcome to the party Massaginmommy!
May your stay here be short and sweet!
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Originally Posted by lexbeach
The length of the luteal phase is only one factor. Ideally, your temperature should rise about .5 degrees right after ovulation, and then remain elevated for 12 to 14 days before it drops to signal that AF is coming. Your chart from last cycle showed your temp going up and down and up and down during the luteal phase, which is often a sign of low progesterone. So, that is why I said it looked like you might have a luteal phase defect. It is usually associated with Spleen Qi deficiency, but there can be other deficiencies at play too.

So far, it looks like your post-O temps for this cycle are doing better than they did last cycle. So maybe the vitex is in fact helping!

I think it's totally fine to buy baby clothes way ahead of time. I wouldn't go overboard, but maybe allowing yourself to purchase one thing each cycle would be a nice treat and reminder that one day there WILL be a baby to dress. When I was pregnant, we didn't have any money, but I let myself buy one little thing for the babies each month. It helped the time pass.

I hope this is your lucky cycle too!!

Lex- You are so awesome!!! Thanks for all your help. It really means a lot to me. I will tell my acupuncturist about the Spleen Qi deficiency. I always suspected that my hormones were a little out of wack. Hopefully I can get them balanced through acupuncture.
I usually pick up baby clothes if I see a good deal somewhere. But I only get the necessary things (onsies, rompers, etc.) just like I keep my eye out for good deals on cloth diapers. But I like your idea to "treat" myself every cycle!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

I hope you are feeling better soon.
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ok wtf is going on.. its cd24.. i havent started the provera yet because i didnt want AF around the holidays... but today when i wiped at work... i was spotting...

seriously.. wtf
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Tricia, I don't know much about that stuff, but that would sound like implantation spotting to me! Wahoo!

Just thought I'd pop in and let everyone know (as if we're not all thinking this all the time) that I WANT A BABY. That's it

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Tricia, would the timing work for that to be implantation spotting? Did you O? When did you insem?
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Originally Posted by myhoneyswife
Just thought I'd pop in and let everyone know (as if we're not all thinking this all the time) that I WANT A BABY. That's it
LOL Cara. :

I'm 5 or 7 DPO today. Still : every day that this cycle ends up with a healthy, full-term baby. But then I look at my chart and it doesn't look "pretty" ya know? LOL. I mean, my CM was pretty scanty all month, and I know that the spermies need some CM to live longer than a few hours. I dunno. I just wish the next week would hurry up and fly by.

Oh and I tested today, knowing FULL WELL that it would be WAY too early to show any kind of positive result, and sure enough it was . I don't even know why I wasted a perfectly good HPT like that. LOL. Someone smack me. :P

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Massaginmommy: I have added your name to "waiting to O".
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well the bloodwork came back and said i didnt O...

i have no idea whats going on... i will know in the morning if AF arrives...

if it is AF.. what the hell....
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I got my period!! Wahoo! CD1 for me please and feel free to give all your Aunts my address because I really really want this to be the real thing!
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So Paisley, are you ready to be moved from "Waiting to be Ready" to "Waiting to O"? Let me know...
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ok no more spotting...

so wtf...

im trying not to get my hopes up... but ummm yeah never EVER spotted this early or had AF come this early....

so im losing my mind.. my body is playing tricks on me...
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Tricia, When you talked about bloodwork, were you talking about the progesterone drawn last week? If so, maybe you have o'd since then. My P was low last Friday, but that was because I O'd that day.
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Yay, Paisley! I hope AF sticks around and is good and cleansing for you.

Tricia: I don't want to be a downer, but from looking at your chart, I would be very suprised if you were pregnant. Clomid can definitely cause weird spotting at weird times. I would get an ultrasound to make sure you don't have any ovarian cysts before you take clomid again since cysts are often a cause of weird spotting. It seems like maybe getting a baseline ultrasound would be a good idea for you regardless.

AF arrived yesterday and I've been feeling better about things since then. Nothing like getting bad news the day before AF arrives to make you extra weepy. Novemeber, December, January would all be great timing for our family in terms of adding another baby. October would have been a little crazy. So, I'm sure this is for the best. But this ovarian cyst better be WAY gone by the time AF comes around again!

I'm going to try and chart this cycle, but we'll see how possible it is with two wiggly almost-three-year-olds clmibing all over me all morning.

Hoping for some Christmas Morning BFPs!

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my bloodwork they drew was FH and prolactin and something else...

who knows.. i dont think i am pg...

it jus sucks.. wasnt alot.. af is probably coming..
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Tricia - I'm sorry. How confusing and stressful.

Lex - how do you plan to chart? I have a night nurser and am not sure how to go about charting. She nurses once in the middle of the night (like 2 am or so), then constantly from 7am onward. Should I set an alarm for 6 or something?

As for me, I took a pg test last night and got a BFN. Yes it could be too early (I'll be 12-14dpo tomorrow) and it wasn't fmu, but I really feel like I'm not pg. I know it's only month #2, but babydaddy only wants to try for a year, I have PCOS, and although I was assuming I was O'ing as my cycles have been regular, I now fear I am not.

I started Metformin which should help. I made a doc appt to get testing done and see where to go from there. I started eating better (like cut out most sweets, which sucks) and started working out (for a bunch of reasons, but I'm hopeful it will help with fertility).

But I've been reading the TTC forum at a PCOS message board, and man what a downer. I've freaked myself out big time, and gotten an overload of info, so now I feel like what I knew I don't know anymore and it's all a big ball of stress.

Bah freaking humbug. There has been snow on the ground here all month and it's melting on Xmas Eve. That pretty much describes how I feel about Xmas this year.
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tricia, i am sorry your body is being so confusing. i hope your doctor is able to figure something out for you.

lex, i'm so glad that you're feeling more positive about things. i hope this month off flies by and you're back in the game in no time.

becky, my fingers are so crossed for you.

heck, dh just got home so i'd better get off.

nothing new to report with me. cd22 or thereabouts. finally getting some real ew, but still - opk this morning. maybe i'll get a + opk for christmas.

happy saturday everybody.
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thismama, we must've been posting at the same time. because it sounds like you really need one. i'm sorry you are feeling so down.
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Thanks Chrissy, I really appreciate you making a special trip back to give me a hug. I do need it.
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Oh yeah, does anyone know if you can take Clomid while breastfeeding?
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