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Anyone tried breastfeedeing an adopted baby?

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Well, it should be pretty easy right? I have an 18 month old biological daughter who is still nursing, so I have milk!

My dh and I are just finishing up the process to become foster parents. (babies only right now)We actually hope to adopt if it becomes available. For obvious reasons I plan to breastfeed, even if it turns out to be only a six month placement.

On one hand I had so few problems with my dd, but she was born at home, no drugs and all that. A foster baby will probably have had a less than ideal birth, shots, drugs, and been given a bottle. I have read a few books about breastfeeding an adopted baby but they are really just about the basics of breastfeeding. My LLL group just said "good luck!

Any helpfull advice or ideas? Thanks!
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I used to work at Motherwear, and Jody Wright, the president, breastfed all three of her adopted babies (two before she had a biological baby, so she was able to lactate through adoptive nursing). She has written a few articles which I believe are archived at www.motherwear.com. If you can't find the articles online, I'm sure the customer service reps would be able to help you if you called their 800#. It's so wonderful that you want to do this! Best of luck to you.
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see this thread

adoptive bfing chat
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Me!!! My story's on the above-mentioned thread.
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i'm still bfeeding our dd...she's 19 mos. now, but we started at 3 days old... you'll find support at www.fourfriends.com there's a section there that's an adoptive bfeeding website. best wishes!
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