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plans for staying sane this winter?

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I have b/g twins who just turned two, it's not even January yet and we all have serious cabin fever. We would spend all morning outside during the summer and fall. Now they don't even want to go out usually b/c it's so cold.

They aren't great at playing by themselves yet . . . and if I spend another hour playing play-doh I'm going to go nuts. We don't do TV, so that's not an option. We go out some mornings for errands or to see friends, but the days are DRAGGING. Their nursing has increased again to unbearable frequency, and I think it's out of boredom.

Any other moms of toddlers out there have a plan?
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oh no! my g/g twins are only one! i'm wondering the same thing. is 36 degrees too cold for a stroll to the post office? i think so..... i've been doing the one dvd i have for emergencies, but our tv is going bye-bye jan 1.

i just want to live in a commune. but i'm open to suggestions.....

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Lord I am so looking for anything to do we have been doing the science museum a lot and crafts

Winter is sooo awful!!
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We're finishing our basement and turning it into a playroom for DD. We put up her swing from the backyard. We have a rocking horse, a slide, her wagon down there. She's getting some of those big cardboard blocks for xmas and those will go down there too. Basically, it'll be a good place to run off some energy.

Also, we do try to play outside every day, even if it's just for a few minutes. When it's bitterly cold, I sometimes bring in a dishpan of fresh snow and that entertains her for a while.

We're planning to go to the library a lot. And I want to check out some of the activities at our local parks.

Having visitors really helps my sanity. My brother works near where we live and he often stops by around dinner time (funny how that happens ). But it's nice to have a visitor at that time of day. My mom usually comes once a week. And we sometimes have playdates.
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Ds is three but I signed him up for preschool this fall. Last winter was very cold and snowy and was hard for both of us. I live in a very rural area and the days just dragged, we were sick of each other, lol. So he is going for a few hours two days a week to preschool, he loves it and so do I!
I also take him to the local children's museum, the mall (has a play area and slide, plus we walk the whole mall), the library, and try to line up playdates to stay sane in the winter.
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Ds is getting a brio (knock-off brand!) train set from grandparents for xmas and a jump-o-lene from us for xmas. we have a nice basement for this stuff to go into. these will certainly save dh (SAHD) a lot of mental meltdown!
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I forgot . . . . for those of you with younger toddlers, last winter we put an old twin mattress in our living room with lots of pillows and they jumped on it for months. It was a HUGE hit.
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Some other indoor physical things we do when it's cold and lousy outside.
Put on some music and dance around the house.
Take his musical instruments and have a "musical parade" around the house, stomping and clapping and playing the instruments.
Playing ball in the hallway (I take the pictures off the walls for this)
Playing "chase" I chase him around and then he chases me.
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Having a huge semi-finished basement is what saved us! We brought dh's huge Little Tikes playhouse down there, his slide...he has a small room so most of his toys are down there-train table, basketball hoop (which he LOVES), etc. He loves having the whole thing to himself and always wants to play down there.
Where we used to live, a basementless townhome, we kind of did the same thing only with his "bedroom." At that time there was a crib in there but he cosleeps so we took it down and turned it into a play room.
I know what you mean about the cabin fever though-every year for Christmas we go back home & visit our family for about 2 weeks and when we're there ds loses it. He doesn't have that space to run and activities like that to keep him occupied so he usually starts getting into trouble!

Good luck!
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Originally Posted by royaloakmi
I forgot . . . . for those of you with younger toddlers, last winter we put an old twin mattress in our living room with lots of pillows and they jumped on it for months. It was a HUGE hit.
Love it! I have a twin matteress airbed I can get out! I will do that today!

I must say we go out daily or nearly.

We go to the library, the store (I spread my errands out so I have more ways to get out) we sign up for classes and we have indoor playgrounds around here that we go to at the community center.

We also cook a lot- I bake with the kids. They love it and it passes the time and uses their brain and gives them some "I can do it" time.
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This year my child is going to preschool in the mornings so that will go a long way to saving our sanity.

In past years, I belonged to a (non-crunchy) mother's club that generally had several organized events each week. That was always a good reason to get out of the house.

We also would take some sort of gym class maybe one morning a week, go to library story times, and go to a community center with a play area (Kulick Center in Ferndale, for the OP) quite often.

In our own house, I tried to separate the day into separate places - some toys just in the basement, others just upstairs, etc. Also, I put together a big craft basket & aquired a kid-high roll of paper that I could just roll across the kitchen floor for (washable) paint experiments.

The zoo is also a favorite place to go (though I usually just go when it's going to be somewhere above freezing during the day) - the indoor buildings can be quite toasty and it's nice to explore the outdoor-seeming areas inside.
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I too like to get out of the house during the winter. I try to find every possible free or nearly free children's activity in the area and take full advantage:
1. Story time at the library. Also story time at local bookstores (including Barnes and Noble and/or Borders).
2. The childcare room at the gym - we both get a "workout" and I get to take a shower while DS is supervised.
3. Train sets at Barnes and Noble and a local toy store. Both have train tables set up for children to play with.
4. Free activites at The Learning Tree (local teachers supply/craft/toy store).
5. Children's museums, indoor spaces at the botanical gardens, the mall, pet stores (DS loves seeing the birds at PetsMart).
6. Baking cookies or cupcakes and decorating. I keep the ingredients on hand and make really small batches. THe icing keeps in the fridge seemingly indefinitily so I can just pull it out as needed.
7. Local indoor "playground." This is a big open play place. I like it ok - it is $6 so we don't do it super often.
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I am so with you all
My 2.5 yo ds is really resisting getting dressed too so he is always freezing and wanting to curl up under the covers and nurse!


I fear we will be visiting the cool bookstore too often and spending too much money - we are going to a gym class once a week but that is not enough!

My aunt has a big basement with a trampoline etc for him but...
oh well at least he is still napping, eh?

and the solstice is approaching - more daylight, right?
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i have just discovered my almost 2yo loves baking. we had a great time making muffins for holiday gifts. as i clean up, i give her just a small amount of cornmeal or flour to draw with. the mess is minimal.

we get to the library once, sometimes twice a week. i tell myself there's always a chance of running into another mom, and the librarians have become honorary aunts, great for encouraging words.

also, as much as i hate the cold (and hate bundling just as much), for our mental health we spend at least 10 minutes outside, even a quick walk can pick up the mood. you might see a squirrel or bird. for those who resist coats, you can make a game of this: "let's see who can find the first [fill in the blank]"

inside, i try to rotate our books & toys, so if we are in the living room again, at least i have different reading material. i'm lucky that dd accepts the rules about ball inside (in a designated area, if the dog is not around).

and we dance! good luck, mamas.
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