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Where'd "mommy" and "daddy" go? - Page 2

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Could be worse: My husband has called his parents by their first names pretty much forever. They were both college students for much of his childhood, and all of the friends and classmates who came over to their house called them Pam and Jeff, so he figured he should too. His mom tried to stop it once he was about 6, but being the precocious, gifted child he was, he thought it was pretty stupid since Mom wasn't her name and refused to do it.

That's my sweetie.
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DD calls me mama, mummy, mum or MOTHER! Depending on her mood. I like mama best. MOTHER! is not pleasant
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When my daughter was 3 she became very intrigued with my step-mother and her relation to me. For a while she made a point of informing grocery checkers, mail carriers, random victims, that I was her step-mother (I'm not). Once someone made a comment about evil step-mothers and my daughter got a lot of play out of that one. I'll never forget when she told a grocery clerk that I was her evil step-mother. She was just so little and innocent - it was pretty funny.

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I know! My son turns 3 in March and he delights in calling us "mom" and "dad" and rolling his eyes... ugh!!! He picked it up from listening to dh and I refer to our parent(s) as "mom and dad" and to listening to his older (teens!) cousins calling their mom(s) and dad(s) that too. I, too, miss my cute "toddler" (we're also not allowed to call him a toddler our (god forbid) a baby anymore... it's little BOY or KID or bust)! lol
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dd has tried experimenting with "mom" & "dad" a few times but i'm still recovering from the "mama" and "dada" transition i LOVED being "mama" and she'll still call me that every once in a while. i'm going to try to hold onto "mommy" as long as i can!
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Ds usually calls me Mom, which sounds really adorable coming out of his 3yo mouth. To dd I am mommy, mama, or ma Ma (Dora the explorer) But its aok, They usually refer to dh and I as Mom and Dad (Like we are one entity), and their bio dad as Daddy
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