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My issue with the Bratz is all the plastic (that will inevitably end up in a landfill a few years hence), the marketing aimed at young girls, the commercialization aspect (collect 'em all! And buy the T-shirts, stickers and lunchbox, too!) that encourages us to consume, spend, and have more. I try hard to limit those influences on my DD, which involves banning TV altogether(though we do allow videos). I'm not one bit thrilled with the way they look or the messages that sends about what being feminine "requires," but that element bothers me less than the whole commercialization gig.

That said, I know many many many people whose girls collect and love them, and for whom another Bratz doll would be a welcomed delight. I would not buy one as a gift, however - JMHO. Peace, mamas.
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Originally Posted by MomBirthmomStepmom
Cause that's what it sounds like some people want to do, or are trying to do.

I can't believe people are using the terms 'sluts' and 'whores' and 'hookers' and 'streetwalkers' here... THAT is more disgusting than any doll, IMO. Seriously, we're adults, but some people on this thread are saying things that sound alot like they're coming out of the mouth of a brainless doll instead...

*more applause*
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So, a funny thing happened... After I posted back on pg3 about how I dislike Bratz and didn't want them for my girls, the very next day they each received a Bratz doll. My girls are 3 and 4 and for them the dolls are just plain inappropriate, IMO. I got them before the girls even knew about them and they went directly into the toys for tots box at my work. I felt bad passing along toys I wouldn't give my children, but obviously (from this thread) some people don't mind them.
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It was very cool of you to donate the dolls lilmiss'mama! Someone will be very happy to recieve them no doubt.
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Originally Posted by AndiG
Ok, the Bratz dolls are really sort of hideous.
Their FEET come off and they put on NEW FEET when they change their shoes?????
That is so weird!

My boys aren't interested in Bratz dolls but I have bought one for a birthday present. (My son said that's what she like to play with)

I don't personally have a problem with them.
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Originally Posted by dharmamama
I have been thinking about this some more and thinking about my daughter, who is almost 4. She currently loves the Magic Treehouse books about Jack and Annie. She has seen in the books that Annie wears pigtails, so she has told me many times to do her hair in pigtails so that she can "look like Annie." Why is it so much of a leap to think that my daughter would also want to dress like Annie? (In reality, she does, because Annie most often wears jeans and t-shirts.) In fact, when Annie travels through time, she wears clothes characteristic of the time period she is in, and my daughter gets out her play silks and and dress-up clothes and dresses up like Annie in China, Annie in the Arctic, Annie in Shakespeare's England. Why isn't it reasonable to think that a little girl who plays with Bratz would want to look like a Brat?

If I lived in a society where we all ran around in public naked, I'd be cool with my kid running around in public naked. But we live in a society that has sexualized breasts, midriffs, panties, short skirts, etc. While I don't particularly mind those styles (and indeed, my kids often play with their friends wearing just underwear), when I am out in public and around people I don't know and trust, I am not going to give them ANY chance to sexualize my daughter FOR ANY REASON.

When my daughter is old enough to make the decisions on how she dresses based on ALL the information, well, I'll step aside. But until then, I am not going to let my daughter be a tool of societal forces beyond her control and understanding.

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For me it is the dress, but also the consumerism that they portray, the shallow lifestyle, and values. for example I really wouldn't want my six year old playing with this:
From the Manufacturer
It's a night you're sure to never forget as you share a first date with the Bratz and Bratz Boyz as they laugh over a midnight smoothie, slow dance under a full moon, and find themselves getting closer than ever...as they walk the fine line between friendship and love. In addition to tons of stylin' accessories, this collectivle Bratz and Bratz Boyz two-pack highlights the real anticipation of a real blind date by offering a unique packaging design that hides your Bratz Boyz blind date from view, to ensure he remains a mystery until you've taken him home and opened the box. Bonus rare Collector's Edition includes a completely new Bratz Boyz character!
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Yo, Charles: all that sarcasm really isn't necessary.
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Originally Posted by tara
Yo, Charles: all that sarcasm really isn't necessary.
At this point, Tara, it's not entirely sarcastic! Seriously, with all due respect to Mrs. Moe or anyone else, I'm certainly willing to entertain, for the sake of argument, that hookers, prostitutes, hos, or professional sex workers (choose preferred term) don't dress as I described in my earlier post. However, I really would like a description of how most prostitutes generally dress, because to the best of my knowledge, they dress to accentuate their sexuality. My point was that if a woman who is not a sex worker dresses in a similar manner, the comparison between the two will be made (and not necessarily by me). Mrs. Moe objects to this point, but really, I am at a loss to understand where I have been in error. That's why I'm not completely being sarcastic.

Only kinda.
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Originally Posted by rose angel
From the Manufacturer
share a first date . . . as they laugh over a midnight smoothie, slow dance under a full moon, and find themselves getting closer than ever...as they walk the fine line between friendship and love. . . . blind date
eeeewwwwwwww yuck.
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Originally Posted by lilyka
eeeewwwwwwww yuck.
I know, and as my DH pointed out, it is from the BLIND DATE line, so these kids have never even met. Just too weird for me as a little girls' toy.
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Sure, sex workers dress to accentuate their sexuality. But so do I sometimes. So do lots of people. My point is that it is not a given that the comparison will be made, and to insist that women who dress provocatively look like prostitutes seems shallow and simple to me. imo, the onus is on the viewer to think more critically, not on the scantily-clad woman to prove her virtues.
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Originally Posted by UnschoolnMa
Well, the difference for some people is that they don't think there is a single thing wrong with showing your belly, and so a doll who is showing her's isn't a problem. My family doesn't think that the stomach must be hidden around other people any more than the elbows or ears must be. My daughter wears cropped shirts often. As far as I know she is not a "ho". lol

Charles - I wear make-up, and like to wear tight clothes when I am in the physical shape to do so. So you can add me to your "hooker" sexist label if you like, but I hope you do realize how you are comming across.
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i did know some hookers in my 'party in west hollywood' years, & it's either disingenuous or extremely naive to get all huffy at a suggestion these dolls are dressed like prostitutes, because they are. that is not a dis at the whores, i have nothing against workers in the sex industry. (i used to give a friend who'd gone escort the occasional ride to work, & it is not overgeneralizing to say i recognize some of those outfits.)

if someone does not mind if their child plays with dolls dressed like whores, that is not illegal & i have no problem with that either. your child, your choice. recognizing that it may be a controversial choice (such as giving kids a toy gun) and checking first or getting something else is just being considerate.

but- they are pure fug. (that is the same problem i had with cabbage patch dolls- so much beauty in the world, why add more disposable hideousity to the landfill?) there are worlds of wonderful toys out there. i wouldn't have gotten them for my dd (we did enjoy looking at the big-headed lindsay lohan doll & having a good laugh. ooh, you guys are gonna have fun when your dds get big. grown dds are the most fun since age five. plus they can drive you home if you've had a drink.)

ps i was in the barbie aisle at walmart (i know, i know- it was just the once) tonight & saw this doll, 'tariq'. omg, he is gorgeous. i wanted to take him home (and he made such a nice couple, with barbie's beach friend, blaine.)

ok, y'all, check him out: http://www.magmaheritage.com/awardni...face1large.jpg

uh huh.
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Some mamas pointed out links for some great dolls as alternatives to ones like Bratz and Barbie. Just wondering if anyone has ever come across a nice doll of African descent with natural hair (like an afro, dreadlocks or even braids). Most of the ones I've seen have straight hair or are not darker skinned. Thanks in advance.
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This is so crazy. I went and looked at as many Bratz dolls on-line as I could and came to the conclusion, that, yes, the only people outside of a Hollywood movie that I've seen dressed like that were prostitutes standing on street corners. I thought people were being silly saying that, but they really do look like that, which is crazy because I have been to NYC, LA, city and Vegas and Hong Kong and a bunch of other places (I'd like to see the Bratz dressed in a sari because that might clinch that region as well) and seen prostitutes dressed like that, but no one else. I'm truly amazed!

I'm not making a disparging comment about prostitutes in saying that the ones I've seen on streets look like these dolls, am I?
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Charles, Suseyblue you both are correct and well-spoken on this subject.

You can't make sense to a formula-feeder if you nurse. You can't make sense to a person who has guns in their home if you are against guns. You can't make sense to someone who believes in public sexuality if you have strong morals and convictions. These are not aimed at ANY person posting here, just examples (so no defensiveness, which there is some serious defensiveness here to innocent comments).

To each his own!
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Sorry, lactationmom, you don't get to corner the market on 'strong morals and convictions'. I hate these dolls and wouldn't buy them, but public sexuality isn't a problem for me. What is a problem for me is someone else deciding what is moral for everyone. Not your job.
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I just don't like these dolls...even the so called "cute" ones. I don't want them in my house. If when annalisa's older and she wants one bad enough we will discuss it together but I do not like them one bit
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