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I'd work as long as you can. Collect unemployment as long as you can. While you're doing that, try to live on just dh's salary and save all of the unemployment. Don't count it as income. If you can do it, you'll be fine (with a nice cushion) with just dh's salary. If you can't, you've got 6 mos to come up with a solution. Babysitting another child during the day could help you- or a part time job at night. Would your current boss let you work from home or part time? Could your dh alter his schedule a bit?

It's very, very scary to go from 2 incomes to one. I also found that while I loved, loved, loved being home with my babies (wasn't able to stay home until #2 was born) going from a working, relatively independent person to a SAHM took a HUGE amount of adjustment. I kept feeling like I wasn't contributing to the household. Of course I was, but after working for pay for so long, I had to constantly remind myself that I was just as valuable, maybe moreso, as I was when I was getting paid. (Dh never thought this way, it was all my own thoughts).

Congrats on your pregnancy.
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I would totally do it and I have done it. If I went back to work with our two incomes combined we would make a nice living but I would rather be a sahm. If that means giving up the extras so be it. I do find things to make extra income. I sold Avon door to door when I was pregnant. I've bought things at yard sales in the summer and sold them on ebay for profit. I've considered running a daycare from home and right now my dh is starting a very early morning paper route (from 3-6 am) and I'll be helping with that if he gets sick and if he finds a better job that conflicts with those hours I'll probably take over it.

There are so many things you can cut back on. For one once you have your credit cards paid off stop using them. This is just my opinion of course but we don't like paying companies to help us spend money if you KWIM. We pay as we go on everything. We have the basic package on our satelite dish (cheaper then cable), I buy most of our clothing at thrift stores and yard sales, we shop around for the cheapest car insurance and drive reliable but older cars. I made my dd's baby food when she started eating solids. Those little jars cost $1.00 each but you can make tons of jars for the same price with a bunch of bananas. It's like something I heard on Oprah once, no matter what a person makes they will find a way to live up to their means. So the opposite is true as well. If you live at a lower income you will find a way to survive. I won't lie, I do get stressed out about money sometimes but I would rather be stressed out about money then stressed out about something happening to my dd in a stranger's care all day or just being away from her all day long, I would just be extremely unhappy. If your mama's intuition is telling you that you can't even fathom being away from the baby growing inside of you then stay at home. If worse comes to worse and you find out you feel differently you can always get another job. Time spent with your baby, especially early on, can't be replaced. Good luck!

oh yeah and I agree, your boss sounds like a jerk. 27 is too young to have a child? Does he live under a rock or something?
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