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sad for DSS

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Well, this past weekend was supposed to be DSS's weekend with his mom. She called early in the week to tell us she was working closing shifts all 3 days (Fri-Sun), and asked to change the plans. She saw him Thur from 3-8pm, and was to see him Sat 12-5, and Sun 10-5.

Sat morning she calls and tells us she's 'feeling too sick' to even SEE DSS, and will let us know about Sun.

Sun morning she calls and once again, can't see him at all. Didn't even bother calling him later in the day.

He got off the phone with her in the morning and was crying so hard The rest of the day he talked about how he was afraid she'll be too sick for Christmas.

SO took DSS to see Harry Potter yesterday (something he asked for for Christmas, seeing the new one in the theatre), and we all just tried to hang out and do fun stuff. I also finished getting some specific things he asked for for Xmas while they were at the movie.

I just feel so bad...

I understand that people get sick, but come on!! SO and I can't 'call out' of seeing our kids, like you would simply 'call out' of work... She didn't even bother calling him later in the day to talk, and has yet to make any plans to see him this week (with the exception of Xmas day, which we're PRAYING she does NOT let him down again! Or all hell will probably break loose)

The boy spent his weekend KNITTING his mother a beautiful scarf!! He will be in pieces if he cant see her Xmas day
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Poor little guy.

I hear what you're saying, we cant "call in sick" for out kids, why do they? Of couse, not to mention the anguish it causes the kids...

Hugs to you and your little man.
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Oh I feel so sad for him too, reading your post brought tears to my eyes.
I'm glad he has you and his father there for him
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That stinks. for both of you.
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Well, she was also supposed to see him today, but called about 10 minutes ago to say she has to work at 5pm today, so she 'just can't' see him today BTW- It's 11:30am :

I'm beyond upset with this woman, but am trying not to show it.

She will be keeping him overnight Thursday, and over night Sunday night. But I am still very upset over this past weekend and today...

Did I mention we live right across the street from where she works, and she could easily stop by on her way and say hello? But welp, no, too much of a hassle.
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