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When can I expect DS to fall asleep laying down?

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My DS is about 9.5 mo and needs to be put to sleep walking around in a sling. It's really hard to do this for 2 naps and a bedtime everyday now that he's 20 lbs. I've tried laying down in bed with him, nursing him, and waiting for him to fall asleep (I've tried singing, pretending to sleep, stories), but it doesn't work well. Every once in awhile (once a month?) it works at bedtime, but of course I don't try it three times a day either because when it does work it take him over an hour to fall asleep. And it takes him on average 10 minutes if I bounce him around in a sling.

So when can I expect that he'll be more ready to fall asleep laying down on his own? Of course I would be laying next to him available to nurse, sing, etc, but I am very anxious to get him to sleep w/o all the physical exercise! Is he ready now, but I need to practice? Or did other moms find that their babies reached a certain age when they were ready to "let" themselves fall asleep? Any ideas/suggestions would be appreciated! Especially by my back and legs!
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I'm fairly new at this, too, so I'm not sure how helpful I can be except to share my experience. My dd (now 7 mos) has to be walked to sleep most of the time, too. But it goes MUCH faster if I am in a dark, boring room (the bedroom at our house). We have the whole routine - change, sing, stories, then nurse -- if she is really tired, she will sometimes nod off nursing, then I can gently lay down with her and let her continue to nurse off to sleep. Timing is critical, though, if I put her down too soon, she'll wake back up.

If I can tell she's not settled enough, I will not even start to nurse right after stories -- I get back up, we pace the room a bit (with lullabies playing on the CD), and when she starts to relax and her eyelids droop, then I let her nurse. Sometimes I nurse a little standing up and rocking back and forth until her eyes fully close - then into the bed we go. DD is almost 20 lbs also, so I can relate to how tired and sore the shoulders/neck/back get sometimes.

I think we may just have babies that need motion to relax. They may have to learn over time to fall asleep laying down.

Hope this helps - just to know you're not alone.

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I remember when dd was younger (20mo now) and I thought we'd be dancing or strolling her to sleep forever! I just kept trying to just nurse her down and finally it worked. Now I just wait till she's looking tired enough and ask her if she wants to go have milk in bed and when she's ready to nurse we go to bed.

I think part of our problem has always been that dd sleeps very irregularly. Even now, she'll take her one nap at 2pm one day and 10 am the next, depending on how well she slept the night before and what time she got up. I just gave up on trying to get her to sleep when she wasn't ready. And even today, we sometimes have to dance, or dh strolls or drives her... but she's always been a very high-need baby.

Now I'm wondering if she'll ever go to sleep without nursing, especially the many times in the middle of the night.
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