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doing eliminaation diet.....

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Has anyone heard of soda--like sprite being a problem for babies? Not much else left to give up,though I suppose I need more time. Still can try corn and wheat products...but I'm running out of things I can eat... any suggestions. I'm only on day four,but feeling like there's not much that I can eat. Of course, a friend just figured out that her baby was sensitive to her eating chicken,so it could be anything!.....Thanks mamas for any info......Kim
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I may not be much help.

Instead of eliminating everything at one time, try taking out one food group or part of a food group at a time. Realize that it may take 2 weeks for dairy to get out of your system.
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See a naturopath! Ours tested us for food sensitivities (totally noninvasively), so I knew what I could eat and not eat. It has made a HUGE difference!
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Soda had preservatives and sugars in it. As well as citrus in your Sprite.

I agree with seeing a naturopath, or allergist. But if you can't find one, read Dr Sears' the Family Nutrition Book.

Dairy is the most common allergen. Followed by soy, wheat, corn, nuts, shellfish, citrus, tomatoes, eggs.

Of course, you can be sensitive to anything. Be patient, the dairy can take 2 good weeks to leave your system. Why are you drinking soda? Water is better for you. Mothers' milk tea, also, for a change.
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