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Anyone up for a sling-go-round?

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You know how hard it is to buy a new style or make without trying it first? I have an ABC and a narrow podegai that are just taking up space. DS kills me now if he is in anything other than the ergo. However, I don't want to give them away completely as I am TTC. So for those who just want to try before buying I was thinking:

Anyone up for a daisychain sling-go-round? I'll send the first person who wants to participate the ABC and narrow podegai. They can send them on to anyone else that wants to try them out, along with any other styles they aren't using. I'll write my name and address in perm marker on mine, so it doesn't get lost. Then I'll PM the last person who posted as having recieved the package if I need them sent back.

Or does that sound too confusing?
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That is a really great idea. I would love to try both of these carriers. But I don't know that I would be willing to pass around any of mine (ring sling, water mesh sling, pouch and Sutemi), since I am using them so much and each has very specific purposes.
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I would like to try out some both of thsoe slings. They sound really good.
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Well if you are up for it, Yamilee pm me the address to send them to, and gbryndi pm Yamilee so she can send em when she's figured out if she likes em.

That is a really great idea. I would love to try both of these carriers. But I don't know that I would be willing to pass around any of mine (ring sling, water mesh sling, pouch and Sutemi), since I am using them so much and each has very specific purposes.
No way I would pass around the Ergo I use everyday! I just hate seeing mine sitting on the hooks by the door not being used IYKWIM. I remember before buying each one how anxious I was about dropping all that money for something I'd never seen IRL let alone tried out. (I'm a cheep, cheap, cheappy, chick) So it is a plan then?

I am working twelve hour shifts through till Teusday. After that it should only take about a day for me to get to the PO.
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Just wondering if we should set a time limit for this, just to be fair?
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According to time, just use them as long as you think you need to i guess. Unless pumpkinsmama says other words. i dont really need them anytime soon, so when you need to send it just let me know and il send you my address. Thanks
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Ok! It is in the mail. I included a ring sling I made myself, with partially padded rails, keep in mind if you try it that it is home made and not tested for weight capability. ***added: the TTC is not going so well, time is not a factor. (Prayers of any kind/positive thoughts welcome. I'm going on 19mo's TTC and getting frustrated.)
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I am sorry you have not been able TC. Man i would be going crzy if i couldnt, but i know when everi take out the IUD i will get one right away, I will pray for you pumpkinsmama. Good luck and many preyers.
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can i join?
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Sure. Just pm gbryndi with your address and when yamilee21 is done, she'll send em to her, and she can send them to you.
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OK, yamilee has recieved the slings!
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I love the mei tai. I am so going to miss it when I have to send it on to gbryndi. My husband loves it too. He is almost always needs help to put on any carrier, but he put on the mei tai all by himself, unprompted, with the baby, and exclaimed, "This is even easier than the Sutemi!" Tonight he put it on as soon as he got home from work. It is the first carrier for which he has so much enthusiasm (even though he really likes our Ellaroo ring sling and our Sutemi). What brand is it? I like the length of the body - big enough so that my baby cannot eat the straps. I will probably use it as a model to make my own. I would probably want wider, more heavily padded straps and padding on the waist.

I cannot figure out the narrow blanket podaegi. I have looked at the LoveWrap website, and a few others, but I just don't get it. The blanket just seems too small. I will bring it to a babywearing meeting to see if anyone can help me with it.

I have not tried the ring sling yet, because it is much smaller than the ones I have and my baby is huge.

Pumpkinsmama, it is truly generous of you to share your carriers. Thank you so much.
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I am just glad to be able to share. Isn't it wonderful when hubby finds a carrier! It is an angelpack. Her website said she is on maternity leave, but here is the site: http://www.attachedtot.com/winter.htm I love the winter one, but it doesn't quite get that cold here! She gave great customer service and makes a durable carrier.

I was pretty disapointed with my ability to use the podaegi. Unless your baby is very small, it just is not enough material.

I made the ringsling for DS when he was still little, he doesn't fit anymore, either

Tell your DH that valentines day is coming up.... nothing more romantic than a new baby carrier
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Ah, an Angelpack! I knew it was not a Kozy, but I couldn't think of which one it was. I tried the ring sling today - cradle and kangaroo carries don't work, but the hip carry does. However, the fabric, even the padded part, kept sliding through the rings. I also tried the podaegi again - still unsuccessful.
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Hey mamas, i have a medium Maya Pouch I can send out if anyone is interested. We have two, so I can spare it for a while.
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I can't beleive this hasn't been swamped with responses! Count me in, I'll see what I can add, I know I can add a gauze wrap- it's 4.5 meters, so just long enough for almost anyone to get an idea, but many will prefer a longer wrap.

I'd love to see the medium Maya Pouch, so maybe I'll email you Tuckersmom when the pack was coming my way- then it could get added to the others?????????

I know I don't post much on this forum, I'm afraid I'm going to get more obsessed and I honestly need to cut down my online time as it is.

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oooh, i would love to try your wrap!
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Originally Posted by Tuckersmom
oooh, i would love to try your wrap!

me too!
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What do you other mama's with slings to share think about just sending your slings out now? You'd stay in your spot on the list to try the others, but in the meantime other mama's could try yours out.
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That would be fine with me- I just would need to find my wrap and get an address to send it off to.

One thing that occured to me is that the last person that has the slings has to mail them back to all the respective owners-- unless the slings will come and go as the list of people continues on...

Just wondering how that would work? I don't mind sending the pack of slings around to one or 2 or 3 people- but I'd hate to be the last one on the line and have to send 8 slings back to 8 different people (just as an example).

Maybe I'm just not sure of the concept. I did another similar thing for cloth diapers. The organizer had everyone paypal her 1 or 2 dollars to help her recoup all the postage costs she had. It was slightly more involved (there were 20+ people signed up and the packs had to go back to her every so often).

I'm all for keeping it simple.... but just wondered.

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