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WOHM - wish i didn't have to *sigh*

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I hope we get our own board eventually.. It's kinda tough to keep track in a 10 page thread, and there are so many different issues..

Warning! Rant/Vent! long!

I am just feeling a little down today about having to work.. I only work part time, (and for $6/hr - but every little bit helps)... My job, is just that, a JOB (discount retail store).. so unfulfilling, not someplace I look forward to going at all.. *sigh* I guess this is just a vent/rant post, but I just wanted to say something, ya know? I have to be there at 3pm today, and dh gets home about 2:15.. So on the days I work we see eachother for 2 hours, maybe.. (15 or 20 minutes in the afternoon, and then evenings, but when I get home I put Phineas to bed, and he is in the other room, reading or something, so it's not much time at all) It just makes me really sad.. I put in a note that I would like at least 1 weekend day off, and the last 2 weekends I have had completely off, which is great because they are the only days my little family can all be together in the same place.. but I guess some people have been complaining that I have had the weekends off.. It just really sucks you know? My family is so much more important to me, yet I see co-workers more than I see dh.. and it's not an option to quit.. I just hate it.. Maybe I would feel a little better if my job was somehow rewarding, but it's not..

Eventually dh and I want to start our own business, a custom picture framing shop, and gallery perhaps.. I can't wait, that will be so great, but we won't be able to start that for quite some time yet.. But I dream about it..
we could all be there together.. dh and I met at a frame shop where we both worked in Tucson, and the owners daughters were there everyday.. (it was a little annoying at times, but they were cute) and wow, am I envious of them now.. It would be so great to be able to have something like that..

Sigh.. I guess I should stop complaining now.. have to be at my lame@$$ job in like 4 hours.. I need to spend time with my son..
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Maybe there are other options you could look into?

When my ds was born, I was sure I would have to go back to work, but then we found ways around it. We canceled everything we could (cabel, etc.) to save money, and sold our second car. We also found we could live on a lot less than previously thought, when it really came down to it. (I hate to admit this, but we also asked a relative to help, and they gave us $500, which was enough to pay off an annoying bill.)

Maybe you could do in-home day-care? Or sell Discovery Toys or Pampered Chef?

If you are really upset by this, maybe your dh would even get a second job. I know this seems like a lot to ask of him, but if you are that upset maybe it would be the best thing for you and your baby, and so the whole family. My dh has said he would, if it ever came down to that. (He is one of those that believes it is a man's place to provide.)

Could you take your child to work with you? My AP sil takes her dd to her work- a video store. Her dd runs around and watches cartoons (and dd even goes into the office to nurse her doll in peace and quiet)! Not everyone can, of course, but it is just an idea.

I hope things get better for you!
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PerfectLove ~
Thanks for responding.. I was just so grumpy yesterday, I had to vent.. Unfortunately, there really isn't anything we could cut out of our expenses.. Except internet access maybe, but I am not prepared to do that. We don't have cable, we don't even have a car, so basically our bills are just rent, gas/electric, and phone..
I was able to stay at home until ds was 15 months old, and I am so grateful for that time.. But then dh's hours were cut at work, so I had to get a job.. We are making a little more now with both of us working than before his hours were cut.. Oh well.. "it's not forever!"
We are waiting to be able to file taxes, and then with the money we get back we are going to move to Washington state and get a house with my sister and brother-in-law.. I can't wait! The living expenses are higher out there, but the wages are better too.. and we will be sharing rent and utilities..
As far as having "jobs" go, I must admit I've had a history of complaining.. LOL : But some are definitely better than others!
Anyway, I am rambling again.. I can't wait until we are able to open our business.. Then I'll get to feel passionate about working too!
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I have been trying to figure out what WOHM is...what's the "O" stand for? Can anyone help me? I'm new to the message board lingo, sorry!
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Quote: "Maybe you could do in-home day-care? Or sell Discovery Toys or Pampered Chef?"

This is a great suggestion. A friend of mine sells Discovery Toys and it allows her to have her own schedule, do everything at home, and she her own in-house test facility (she has a boy age 5 and a girl age 8) . She also takes the kids to her shows. It helps her sell when others see how much her kids like to play with the toys. These toys are excellent.

Anyway, don't worry about ranting and raving about working a job you can't quite stand. We all have been there. Somedays, even the most seemingly perfect job totally blows.

I hope today is better.
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omegamama ~ Work Outside of the Home... as opposed to Work At Home Mom, or Stay At Home Mom.. thats the phrase I always think of anyway.. the basic gist of it..

mirlee ~ Thanks.. Today is better.. (well, today is my day off, so it is great! ) I thought about doing the Pampered Chef or something like that for a while, but I don't think it would work for me personally, I don't know that many people around here, I don't drive, and I'm just not very comfortable "hosting" things.. Though I agree it is definitely a great opportunity for people who can do that kind of work..

Actually, I have been seriously entertaining the idea of teaching myself html (am buying some books this payday) and going into web design.. I know the very basics already, and am very interested in learning much more.. This would not allow me to quit my "dayjob" : right away of course, but it is something I would enjoy, and hopefully be able to make $$ from eventually..

I would love to hear from any WAH web designers! Any tips, ideas, suggestions?? Thanks again everyone..
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