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DSS is leaving :(

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I know I donpost over here a lot but that's mainly for some security reasons. However this morning I can't help but not. DSS is leaving. His mom is on the way here to get him. They are moving out of state. Infact they are going two states away. They (well she isn't...he is when he's with us) aren't safe right now and need to go. We were going to keep him until she was safe and in a good place but she called about an hour ago and has decided to take him with her. We are sad here this morning. We had gotten so used to him being here and now we won't get to see him until we can make it the state they are going to. We JUST got here to reestablish visitation etc. and now he's going. We were closer to where they are going to be now than before we moved here and now we are once again seperated from him. DH is heartbroken. They came upstairs to tell me and he looked like he was going to bawl. Why can't we just keep him here with us!? He's better off here. We know that, he knows that, and she knows that.
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I'm so sorry you are all going through this. Having a child move away is so awful (BTDT ), but the added stress of the safety issue must make this extra difficult. I will keep you all in my thoughts, especially the boy, and will be wishing him safety and security. I hope you and your family get to see him again soon.
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I am so very sorry..no words of wisdom..just hugs and love.
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Why can't he stay with you? At least for a while?
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If it is a safty issue, why is he not staying with you?
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Originally Posted by Flor
Why can't he stay with you? At least for a while?
Probably cause his other parent made the decision. Which sucks, both parents should come to a decision together, but it sounds like some big issues are going on here, and she's calling the shots.

I'm so sorry things are going this way. I hope visitation happens easily and frequently... Good luck.
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It may be that mothers in DV get alot more help than women in DV. If you have custody of your children, there are many programs to get you into housing. It is sad, we should help all people in DV situtations equally.
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She has full custody and gets to call the shots. He was going to be here until she got settled but she changed her mind this morning. They are on their way now and we are trying to hold it together. DH explained everything to him the best he could but he's young. He's not going to understand until he thinks it's time to come visit again. We just got him over his "you're not going to stick around" issues and now this. Our house is so quiet now.
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OMG. I'm so sorry- I have some sympathy with her situation, as a DV survivor, but I can't imagine how you feel having your boy go so far away just before Christmas.
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