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Serious Name Help

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No one's mentioned names in awhile...is this because everyone picked one already? I have nothing!! I can't think of a single thing that we can both agree on. We are both pretty traditional with names. My husband wouldn't mind a Jr. (His name is Alex) but I don't think I like that idea too much. All the men in my family in past generations had icky names that can't be used.

He likes James, but that's a little too popular for me and I don't think I'd like people calling him Jimmy.

I liked Jamie (its almost like naming him after me since my name is Amy), but DH says it too girlie.

I also like Clement, but then he would be Clem (hello, Beverly Hillbillies)
I also like David, but DH thinks that too common.

Any ideas for old fashioned, traditional male names that aren't too old-man? Other problem is that our last name is not the least bit graceful (kind of clunky and long). I'd like to have in mind at least two - in case he's a ME (blonde) or a HIM (VERY brunette).
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I've always liked the name Leo. Just an idea!
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...don't worry! You have months yet!

The thing about traditional, old-man names is that they're all really popular right now. I don't think it's that big of a deal with boys, though...my dh is a Michael, the most popular name of his birth year, and he/I love his name. I'd much rather be a boy with a very popular name than a girl with a very popular name. Plus, as long as it's traditional, it's going to be a strong, beautiful name.

Re: James...my hesitations were the same as yours (popularity and "jimmy,"), but we haven't had problems with either. Everybody knows him as James, and it's just the random odd bank teller that calls him "jimmy."....Honestly, he's such a _James_ that it's impossible to call him anything else. If you like Jamie, you could name him James and call him "Jamie" as a nickname while he's young.

David is lovely, and it has a wonderful meaning, too....

Other oldish names that are nice: Edward, Thomas, Colin....I'm blanking out a little, but I'll look at my old stash of names and come back with more ideas.

Good luck!
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Originally Posted by Tine
I've always liked the name Leo. Just an idea!
HEy!! This was my top pick for months! I still love it! But my husband isn't too keen on it....maybe I can get him to do Alexander Leo, or Leo Alexander...Lexy Leo is actually pretty cute for a little boy.
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Ooo, I likey the Alexander-Leo combo!

How about these: Gordon, Gibson, Theodore?

You're not alone. We can't come up with a boy's name other than Rintaro, which would be impossible for Americans to pronounce. Uggh. But Elizabeth's right--we've got time. Seems as though it just came to us very late in the pregnancy with Meg. Don't sweat it. It'll come to you, too (even if it's after you've seen his face!).

Kam, mamamama! to Meg, and one more
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Leo Alexander sounds like a great way to honor your hubby and your child. I personally detest jr's. Let a kid at least have his own name!
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If you want to name him a jr., you could name him Alexander, but use Xander instead of Alex.

Also, Matthew, Nicholas, Patrick, Max, Jack, Jonathan, William (Will or Liam).
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ooh...I like Leo Alexander. William (Will/Liam) is great, too.

Okay, here's my list of favorite old-timey names:

Henry (LOVE it)
Walter (Walt)
Maxwell (Max)
Spencer (Spence)

We couldn't use Henry because it rhymes with dh's last name, and Hadyn, Ethan, Eamonn, and Alden are all too close to the sounds of our son Ian.

Good luck! In the end you'll find the right name. And remember...if you get the deciding vote in this babe's name, your dh can get the deciding vote with the next baby! We did it that way (dh didn't like Aidan much last time, so it turned into a middle name with James)...this time I've been head-over-heels for Noah, so it's trumping my dh's wish for Alexander. In the end, you love the baby so much that it could be named ANYTHING and you'd end up loving the name. I'm so glad we didn't go with Aidan for James, because now he's just _James_ .
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Leo Alexander is a great name. People have already posted some good names. For our daughter to be, we went with a Hungarian name since my father is from Hungary. We chose Jolan since it's unique but isn't too weird and is easy to both spell and pronounce. So, maybe there's another angle for you to work with.

Good luck! It's hard to pick out a name with another person. Since I chose my first daughter's name as a single mom, this was unchartered territory.
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I like Leo-Alexander!

We are set on a girls name, but struggling with a boys. We both like Max, but aren't in love with any of the longer Max names, Maximillian, Maxwell, etc. So far Maxwell is our first choice. I like Maxon, Maxson, Maxton, too... but DH doesn't.

We also have thought about James, and hesitated for the same reasons. Not a big fan of Jim or Jimmy. Jay is ok, I guess. DH's middle name is James, so we might pass it on as a middle name- Maxwell James.

My grandpas name was Fred, I've always hated it, but now I kinda like it. I also like Simon, Ryley, Brooks, Robert...

I am so sure it's a girl, that it sometimes seems like I don't need to think of a boys' name! But sure enough it will be my luck if it's a boy and we don't have a name picked out, so we better get started working on it!
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I love all the traditional names. We're faced with the problem of trying to find two sets of names that will work here in Germany, in America, complement each other (twins), and mesh with our very Italian first son's name Dante Rosario.

Needless to say, I'm glad we still have about 12 weeks left!!
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My son's name is Peter and our top pick if this one is a boy is Leo William (William after dh's father), so our taste in names is pretty similar Neither Peter nor Leo is in the top 100, which is perfect to me--recognizable, but not everywhere.
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Just wanted to say that nope, you're not the only one without a name for their baby. I'm still without one, as well. We *thought* we'd decided on one, but it just doesn't seem to "fit", so we're trying to find something else that we both like (an impossibility, I think).

I like James a lot. And in my experience, if you call him James (or Jamie ~ a nickname I adore, btw), other will, too. No one calls my David anything but David (no "Dave" or "Davey"). So really, if you like James, do consider it an option.

Good luck. I have 10 weeks + 1 day until my scheduled c-section and even though that is technically a long way away, I know the time will pass quickly and it stresses me out to not have a clue what we're going to call this little guy. You're definitely not alone! ((( hugs )))
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Originally Posted by newbelly2006
Tom's sister's newborn is Oliver. We love that name!
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