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EBF & menstruation

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Hi everyone. I recently got my first period (almost 2 years after ds was born) and was happy to welcome AF back...but I haven't gotten my period again for the past 2.5 months. I've taken 3 home preg. tests and they always come back negative.

Have any of you began your period again just to skip months here and there? (I'm still nursing)

I'm just confused. I don't like having to wonder if I'm preg and have to run out to the drugstore for a test every couple of weeks :

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you may want to start charting your cycles, for peace of mind. i too got my first postpartum period 2 years to the day after Shoshanna was born. since then, i've been taking my temp each morning and recording it on www.fertilityfriend.com
it's been 3+ weeks since that period, and i have not yet ovulated, so i am not expecting a period for a couple more weeks at least. of course, i could still be anovulatory and bleed, but i think there will be signs to warn me of that, too.
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After my first, when I got my period back, it came month after month as if it just picked up its (very regular) pace again. It started 7 months after she was born (and not coincidentally, right after we started solids).

When my period came back at 7 months with my son, I thought the same would happen. But no, my period has been skipping months here and there and in general driving me nuts. Last month I had a bit of a stomach bug around a week after my period had been due and took a pg test but it came up negative, so there was another skip. For me, when I skip, the next one comes on schedule, so at least it is predictable that way.

I know from my symtoms with my two pregnancies that when I am pregnant my body will let me know, so I am not too eager to try out a pg test right away. It's not like I am not living healthy (there is nothing lifestyle-wise to change) so I'm not all that concerned about things.
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Thanks ladies...but...

I'm pregnant. The last test I took was about 2 weeks ago and it was neg. but I just took one 1/2 an hour ago and it was positive! I guess I don't have to worry anymore about my cycle for a while

Thanks again for your responses!
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I am still going to answer the question from my experience. I had a period 4 months postpartum, and 2 after that but not in a row.Then I didn't have one again until dd was almost a year old.Then I got pregnant with her sister So it depends on your body I think..
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Ha! Well, if your moontime comes back while nursing, even if the cycles are irregular, and *you are not using birth control, or even charting!!* of course, you can get pg! I guess this is what you were hoping for? Congratulations!
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