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Needing some advice on alternative therapies for cancer

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I was diagnosed with melanoma this week and I know for sure that they will do surgery to remove more tissue. The rest of the treatment is up in the air until they know if it has travelled to other parts of my body. I start the testing tomorrow.

The treatment options they have told me so far include chemo. even if the cancer has not spread. My dh & I have not had good experiences with chemo. His 1st wife died of cancer and her chemo made her too weak to fight the disease. Her quality of life was diminished because of the chemo. I found the same to be true of my mother's cancer treatment. She died not long after her 1st round of chemo because of her weakened state.

I'm just wondering if anyone here has had experience with alternative cancer therapies and could point me in the right direction for information. I haven't hit the library yet. Are there any books out there?

I know diet and mindset plays a huge role. Can anyone suggest a book about diet (organic) for persons with cancer?

Anyone know of alternative cancer therapy treatment centers?

Thanks in advance for any information.
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There are many reports of treating cancer sucessfully with essiac tea. It is an old Native American recipe which was given to a Canadian nurse Rene Caisse. I have found it at most health food stores. Besides drinking the tea, I have heard of many people who use the "sludge" from brewing the tea topically. My dh's bil has colon cancer and is really the picture of health after using the tea. He refused chemo and at the time of his diagnosis was told "there's nothing we can do". It can only help and I would definitely use it if I were diagnosed with cancer. I would give it to anyone in my family, too. I have not seen a specific book on the tea but that doesn't mean there isn't one. Very gl to you and if you wish I will send some Reiki energy your way.
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Yep, ESSIAC tea, ya gotta get some of that (careful of fakes). You might want to check out www.drday.com She personally had breast cancer and beat it with alternative medicine.

Here is something from file that I gathered a few months back for someone.

Hi there, I'm not familiar with all the various alternative cancer treatments. Oh my gosh I just remembered that I believe Dr. Klenner included cancer info in his Vitamin C paper. Something like that, can't hurt and can only help. I would definitely research it. Here are some links to Dr. Klenner's work.



Here's a cancer reference taken from Dr. Klenner's paper: Could ascorbic acid have anti-cancer features?Schlegel 50 from Tulane University has been using 1.5 grams ascorbic acid daily to prevent recurrences of cancer of the bladder. He and biochemist Pipkin [50] have been able to demonstrate that in the presence of ascorbic acid, carcinogenic metabolites will not develop in the urine. They suggest that spontaneous tumor formation is the result of faulty tryptophane metabolism while urine is retained in the bladder. Schlegel termed ascorbic acid “An Anticancer Vitamin”. Along this line Glick and Hosoda 51 reported on work by Von Numers and Pettersson that the depletion of mast cells from guinea pigs skin was due to ascorbic acid deficiency. The possibilities indicated are that vitamin C is necessary either directly or indirectly for formation of mast cells, or for their maintenance once formed or both. Ascorbic acid will control myelocytic leukemia provided 25 to 30 grams are taken orally each day. One can only speculate on what massive therapy would do in all forms of cancer. Many pathologic conditions are cured by giving 5 million to 100,000 million units of penicillin as an intravenous drip over a period of 4 to 6 weeks. How long must we wait for someone to start continuous ascorbic acid drip for 2 to 3 months, giving 100 to 300 grams each day, for various malignant conditions?

A couple links for vitamin therapy research http://www.orthomed.com/index.htm


Here's a blurb from dr.rath:
The discovery that cancer growth and metastasis can be prevented by optimum supply of lysine and other natural substances blocking the enzymatic digestion of the connective tissue by cancer cells. Here's a page at Dr. Rath's site that you should explore thoroughly


Here's a good article: http://doctoryourself.com/cathcart_thirdface.html

I'm not knowledgeable about ESSIAC tea other than I have heard people have had success using it for their cancer. That and the fact that I've heard that there are alot of inferior imitators of the original formula created by Caisse. Here's a website which purports to sell the original formula:

ESSIAC ® - The Original FormulaWhat is the difference between the ESSIAC ® tea formula by Rene Caisse and all the other brands? In 1977, the Resperin Corporation of Canada obtained the original formula from Nurse Rene Caisse just before her death. This proprietary formula used by Nurse Rene Caisse has shown to be effective since 1922. Today, only a select few businesses on the internet are authorized ESSIAC ® agents.The ESSIAC ® herbs used alone all have cleansing properties. Combined in their proper ratios, they will help maximize the cleansing effect on the body. I have heard and read of how cancer has shrunk in size - or hardened - coming to the surface of the skin only to break open to release its poison from the body. There are many stories such as this. The one effect I have seen and keep hearing about is how ESSIAC ® improves the vitality of the person using the tea. The herbs are helping to cleanse the toxins from the body creating a healthier immune system to possibly deal with cancer more effectively.

One final thing, I'll PM you with some diet stuff from a Dr. Gerson who supposedly had a great deal of success with cancer.

Meanwhile here are a couple links to some Gerson stuff:

To learn more about how to do the Gerson Therapy:
http://www.doctoryourself.com/gersonspeech.html is the transcript of a speech by Dr. Gerson himself.

http://www.doctoryourself.com/bib_gerson_therapy.html is a bibliography of published clinical studies showing the demonstrated benefits of the Gerson treatment

http://www.doctoryourself.com/bib_gerson.html is a bibliography of all of Dr. Gerson's scientific writings.
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GLA has numerous oncology applications ranging from brain cancer to melanoma to breast cancer.
A couple of examples:

You might also look at oncology applications of Astragalus, especially if you do decide to use some chemotherapy.

I recommend Paul Pitchford's book Healing With Whole Foods: Oriental Traditions & Modern Nutrition available at Amazon.com.
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You may want to check this site out too.

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My reccomendations are to find a good naturopathic physician. First he can guide you in the nutritional part and second help you to boost your immune system whether you opt for the chemo or not. If you can't find one you may be able to get a referral from mine. He is at www.jsharps.com Best of luck to you and lot's of prayer included too. Jennifer
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Sorry, I gave you the wrong email: www.jimsharps.com
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