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we didn't quite make it to 30....

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Caidren was born on Fri Dec 16 at 28 weeks+2. She was 1lb 10 oz and 12.5 in. She had severe IUGR and the blood flow through the umbilical was very poor so the Drs decided it was time.

She is SO tiny BUT she has a lot of spunk! I'm sure there will be more complications down the road but so far she is not requiring O2 and she came off the ventilator today onto CPAP....meaning she's getting a bit better at breathing on her own.

I'm trying to breastfeed (well, pump anyway). Caidren is a LONG way off requiring anything beyond glucose BUT I'd like to try and establish a supply.....any NICU pumping tips????

Anyway hope everyone is doing well....stay healthy and happy holidays!!

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Congratulations on you little bundle! Lots of hugs to you. My son was born at 29 weeks. He was quite a bit bigger, but your little one seems feisty. Just hang in there, if you need to chat... PM me. NICU can be really hard, I wish you the very best for a short and uneventful stay.


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Congratulations on caidren! Glad you were able to make y'all made it as far as you did, it gave her a great fighting chance for life outside the womb. I'll be keeping her and you in my thoughts that she gets to come home as soon as is possible.

Pump every 2 hours at least, for 10-20 minutes per breast. There are some great pumping boards at iVillage and on here too I bet.

I also hope they let you do kangaroo care as soon as possible too.

Happy solstice!
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All the best wishes for her to grow strong and come home with you soon! I'm so glad she is doing fairly ok! Keep us posted on her progress (and yours too - you must be feeling a lot of stress and relief all rolled into one).
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Lots of love to you and your new little one! Congratulations and best of luck. Keep us posted! You'll be in my thoughts.
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Welcome to the world, Caidren! I'll keep sending good juju for all of you.
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Our first "March" baby! May you both be loved and blessed! I hope you are feeling okay, and that Caidren grows and thrives.
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Ooh, I missed the part about pumping. Every 3 hours with a six hour break at night is what I did. For at least 20 minutes, both sides simultaniously. When it gets closer to the time baby comes home... add in the night time pumping session. Right now you need your sleep so you can take the NICU.

Drink lots of water. Bring your own, if you have to. Whatever the hospital doesn't use (breastmilk)... freeze. We were lucky, they had a milk kitchen at our hospital that stored and froze our excess milk and we took it home with us when we left (35 litres of breastmilk, just call me Dolly the cow). I know not all hospitals have this, so you may want to buy storage bags to do it yourself.

Also massage your breasts before pumping. Start at the nipple and rub in circles making a sprial to the outer most parts of your breast. It helps with letdown.

Get a pic of baby to help with pumping when you're at home. The morning pumps will be your most plentiful, you may want to pump a bit longer to take advantage.

Finally... get a good pump. YOur insurance or SSI will pay for a hospital grade pump while your baby is in the NICU, I believe. We we're given the Medela Symphony at our hospital so I can recommend it. I know there are others good ones though. If the hospital one is not to your liking, check with your local LLL, they shold be able to help with a pump that suits you better.

TAke care. Pumping is awful, but it is very worth it. I did it for three months, you can do it too.

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She's here! Congratulations on the birth of our first baby!!! :sniff Welcome to our beautiful blue-green jewel of a world, little C. You have been greatly anticipated.

That's very good news that she's off the vent already, Anne. We'll all be thinking of her here, and sending her good wishes for a short stay in NICU. Take good care of yourself now, too. How are you feeling?

Kam, mamamama! to Meg and one more, due March 2006
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Congratulations & to our 1st March baby!!!!!
I will be thinking of you both ~ Keep us updated!!
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Congrats Anne! Caidren will be in my thoughts, she sounds like a fighter!! I hope everything goes smoothly & good luck with the pumping, I never *had* to pump, but did it to relieve my engorged breasts with both Dd's & I agree with the massaging prior to, for me, I started under the armpits & worked down toward the nipple - also, something that smells like Caidren will help with letdown when you're not near her - like a blankie or something or a hat that she's been wearing/snuggling. Good luck!!
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: Welcome Caidren!!

Wow! The first March baby! Love and blessings to you, Anne and Caidren .
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Welcome baby Caidren!

Love and blessings to the first March baby! Thinking about you and your new famiy. I hope you get to give her lots of hugs and kisses soon!
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Welcome!! So glad you are all doing OK. Much love to your family.
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Congratulations. Hope her NICU stay is short.

As for pumping, make sure you are using a hospital grade pump. Pump every 2 hours during the day, both breasts at same time for 10-15 minutes, pump every 3 hours at night. Drink lots of water. Talk to the hospital lactation consultant if you get a chance as well.

http://www.medela.com/NewFiles/faq/preemie.html great article from Medela. i prefer the Medela Symphony. i always tried to find those pumps for my moms when i was working in postpartum. just really make sure you have a hospital grade electric pump.

hugs to you.
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Anne and Caidren Welcome, little one!

Anne, we're all thinking of you and wishing the best for Caidren. You and she are such an inspiration...how appropriate that our first little March baby is such a spunky little fighter! I hope all our babies are born with such spirit.

Please come back here (or the breastfeeding forum) with any advice you need on pumping. It's so important, and Caidren will thank you for it, but I know it's rough. Sounds like there are other NICU mamas here that can help and give support, and if you're having a rough day and need to vent PLEASE come here for some hugs. (!)

Give us lots of updates, okay? Good luck to you and your family, and lots of to Caidren.
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Congrats on the arrival of Caidren! Great news that she is off the ventilator and doing well. I don't know alot about preemies, but I do know my cousins (IVF triplets) were 1lb-ers and it was a big milestone for them to get off O2 and ventilators.

I have zero experience in the pumping dept also, but I hope all goes well!!!
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cogratulations, I hope that everything continues to go well for you two and that Caidren is home soon. Sounds like she is a real fighter!!! Don't be a stranger.
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Welcome to the world, Caidren. Good luck to you both for a short NICU stay and success at pumping. Others had good advice about pumping, and I just wanted to add not to forget to eat enough calories, too, and take care of yourself. I haven't experienced the NICU, but can only imagine it takes a lot out of you. Hang in there. Sending you lots of positive energy and s.
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Thank-you everyone for your thoughts and support !!

Caidren reached 800g yesterday and they have started giving her small amounts of bm. I am continuing to pump but I never get more than about 20cc for every pumping session so my Dr gave me a prescription for reglan today. She said reglan and Domperidone both supposedly have nasty side effects but since I'll only be taking it for 2 weeks I probably won't experience the depression that can go along w/reglan. The lactation consultants at the hospital were really helpful and worked w/me for hrs but I think my body just wasn't ready to start making milk so soon so I'll try anything!

I also got to start kangaroo care and I actually held Caidren for the first time 3 days ago...I can't even begin to describe the feeling of holding my tiny baby in the palm of my hand...

Anyway...hope no one else is burning the midnight oil quite so soon....

Happy New Years to everyone!!!

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