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What's in a screen name?

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I'm curious, and I think it will help us get to know eachother a bit. What is the meaning behind your chosen screen name?

Mine is my first name...call me non-creative!
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I think there was another thread about this a loooooong time ago. But I'm too darn lazy to look for it, and I've been wondering, too. So I'll bite.

My screen name's pretty uninspired, too: "Tine" is simply my family nickname, a short form of my full name, Christine.
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Include me in the "uninspired" group. DD's name is Amari, I am her Mama.
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My name is Dawn, and when I was a kid, people called me "Dawnald Duck" (sooooo not funny) I insisted that I was a girl, and that Daisy Duck would be better. When I first got online in 95 or 96 Daisy125 was taken everywhere so I used Daisie125. (125 has no meaning) I abandoned the SN for a long time, but came back to it after my divorce because it's one of the only names my ex doesn't know.
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Mine is quite unoriginal, LOL, it's simply our initials. (DH's, mine, then the kids.)
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Mine's one of my favorite trees - the Dawn Redwood, once thought to be extinct & only known by fossil & then in 1940, explorers discovered 4 single trees growing in Asia & sent seed out to universities around the world & the rest is history! The tree is now widely available & such a cool tree it is! (Can you tell I'm a plant nerd? I'm a garden designer.) Gotta love those kind of stories though.
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Extremely creative here (NOT ) ~ I have 3 girls and 3 boys, thus 3g3b. Guess I'll have to change that once my newest is born, eh?
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Nepenthe is the drink that Circe gave Ulysses and his men in "The Odyssey", to make them forget about where they came from and what they were doing. I came up with Nepenthe Sea because every other name I chose for a Yahoo address was taken, and I was trying to find something original. It came from a poem I wrote in college.
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Pretty uncreative here as well. When I was pregnant with DS, I signed up for newbelly2002. It only seemed fair to do this pregnancy justice with the same "handle." Had I known when I registered I might have gone for newbelly2006x2 but I didn't. So there we are...

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Mine is just a nickname... lots of people have called me Ell-Bell over the years, but my cousin has continued to call me Ell-Bell even into adult hood. She introduced me to MDC years ago, so I guess she was in my mind when I was subscribing!
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Nubianamy is my usual screen name (I think it is unique?). It is an anagram (scrambled letters) of "I am a bunny," which is the name of a children's book by Richard Scarry. I say it in a funny voice and my ex-husband thought it was the cutest thing in the world, so I became "the bunny." My license plate is IMABNNY.
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Umm...our last name is Angel and my husband wants me to always let online ppl know I'm taken, we met online, so MrsAngelic it is. And really the last name was different but when we married DH was not on speaking terms with his adoptive parents so we changed our last name to Angel because during our courtship I used Angel when chatting to him and he used Liquidangel.
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The month I joined MDC again (used to be "elisabeth" years ago), I had just planted a big red oak tree in our front yard. I also chose it because I think being a mom has made me so much stronger as a person, and oaks symbolize strength. When I feel challenged by circumstances, I like to call on memories and symbols that remind me of my own abilities to get through it all. So... red oak!

Love hearing all your stories....
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im unoriginal also. israel is my last name. a is my middle initial, which i went by along time ago. tax law is my profession. i have used the name as an email addy for 15 years and i guess i just hate having to remember other sn's, so i usually use that one.
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Great thread! A few years ago, DH and I bought a house smack dab in the middle of Yellowwood State Forest. We're surrounded by about 29,000 acres of forest land. At first we thought this would be a transitional home and that we'd fix it up and rent it out. But, about 3 days after living here we both knew that we'd never leave and this is the home we'll die in. I feel so connected to this place and know that my kids will roam these woods their entire lives.
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I chose "Birth Junky" because I AM one . . . decided to become a midwife at age 9, read everything the public library had on childbirth & pregnancy by age 12, trained as a doula at age 17, and have been completely birth-obsessed for many, many years!
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Mine is my childhood nickname. Ellie May as in Ellie May Clampet from the Beverly Hillbillies. Dad named me that because I was alway good with animals and constantly bringing them home.

The 12 is for Dec., the month I was born.
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It's a Rilo Kiley song.

It also reminds of Glenda the Good Witch, which I kind of dig.
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My name, Melissa, means "honeybee" in Greek. When I was a little girl, my baby brother pronounced "Missy" as "Bee." So, my family also called me "Bee Girl." I also really like the saying about how, according to aerodynamics and the laws of physics, bumble bees shouldn't be able to fly. But, bees don't know they're not supposed to be able to fly, so they just go ahead and do it anyway.

So, the bee has kind of become my symbol. At one time, I even thought about getting a bee tattoo, but never really made up my mind to actually do so.
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