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Which of the following would make your life as a SAHM easier? - Page 2

Poll Results: You can have 2 hours of free services a week from one of the following:

  • 65% (128)
  • 8% (16)
  • 4% (9)
  • 18% (36)
    Babysitter/Mother's Helper
  • 3% (7)
196 Total Votes  
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Oh, this was a tough one! I really don't mind any of those things up there (and I don't need a therapist ), so I chose errand runner simply because my little guy isn't too great in a store lately.
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I would totally love a housekeeper. I hate cleaning!!! My next choice would be a babysitter. It would be nice to be able to run errands without 3 young children. Even if it were only two hrs a week, I could plan everywhere I needed to go and get it done.
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You too Huh

Originally Posted by FlipFlops
I'd have to choose housekeeper. The babysitter would be tempting, not so I could leave but so I could take a relaxing bath and not worry that dd is going to wake from her nap the second I get in!
Yeah DD has me on a sensor too. As soon as I try to do something for myself there she goes. I also chose housekeeper, I would rather not have to attack dust bunnies all the time.
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Cleaning for sure!!!
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I would chose the cook. Although a housekeeper to do the bathrooms would also be nice lol. No point in doing the living room, 2 hours after that it would look nearly the same! But I don't like cooking and as a SAHM I don't really have any excuse for not cooking as often as I should except I'm tired and plain don't like it! I'de get her to make a few large batches of family friendly freezer food.
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I chose the mother's helper/babysitter. I definitely need a housekeeper, but I also need time for me. If I get a break, then I can deal with some of the house work (as long as it's on the right part of my cycle ).

When I do get a break IRL, I never know if I should take a shower, go for a walk, go have coffee, take a nap, do some art work, or even just eat out by myself (or with a friend if I can find one that's not busy or with her kids). I really like being able to eat a nice meal without having to keep a toddler from jumping, spilling, crawling, etc. And though I love that we're still breastfeeding, it would be nice to have a space where I wasn't always "on tap."

If I had a regular, weekly 2-hour slot, I could do each of things things in turn. That would be great! So, where do we sign up?

Oh. Darn. I was afraid this was hypothetical. (pout)
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I picked housekeeper. I don't mind cleaning THAT much, but I honestly am just not good at it - or something.

Some of your replies have made me soo grateful to have my dd12. She is a great backseat entertainer during errands, watches the babe so I can get stuff done around the house, etc. I will have to make sure to tell her how grateful I am for her when she gets home!!

Too bad she's in school from 7:20 until almost 4 every day!
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I chose cook, though housekeeper was a close second. I don't mind cooking and sometimes even enjoy it when I'm in the mood. However, being responsible for three healthy meals a day along with menu-planning and grocery-budgeting is really overwhelming to me most of the time. If I could have that job off my back, I would feel so much less stress!
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Cook - I just don't like cooking so we always have the same meals. And planning them and all that... Do cooks clean up the kitchen afterward, too?
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I'd have to pick the babysitter option. Some days I'd love to do something on my own even if it was just going to the post office! I don't mind cooking or cleaning (most of the time!) but I'd really appreciate the ability to go grocery shopping or get my hair cut on my own.
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I would vote for an organizer to help me get things figured out and a routine made for the year.

I am reading a great book at the moment but I need the help of a live person I think to get me going.

Should everything get organized the girls and I should be able to handle the house with dh pitching in to help on big projects during his days off.

After the organizer the housekeeper would be
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housekeeper .
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Housekeeper for me too. I find it very relaxing to have a clean, tidy house- but unfortunately i hate to do the work it requires to get it there!
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I would love to have a housekeeper. Just to do the stuff I don't like to do (washing dishes, folding laundry, cleaning bathroom, mopping, rug shampooing, and taking out garbage). I don't mind washing laundry, sweeping, vacuuming and general clean up so I could keep it clean in between visits but I would have them do the big stuff. obviously I've fantasized about this a lot
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I voted housekeeper. Masseuse would be helpful too.
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I chose babysitter - I think a little "just me" time would be fabulous. I'd love to get my hair cut and colored, instead of doing both myself

I just don't think I'd be able to leave her ... she and I have been joined at the hip for nearly 6 months now, and going anywhere without her would be really hard!
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Oh, man, housekeeper for SURE. I hate cleaning, but I also hate having a messy house. Bad combination.

I like cooking and I don't think I need a therapist or a mother's helper that badly at present, though occasionally...
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ohhh that's a toughie, it would be nice to have a housekeeper and an errand runner... but alas, I hate cleaning more so I chose that, lol.
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I voted babysitter/Mother's Helper because it would be so great to have an extra set of hands and eyes when I take them all places. Plus, there are some days when I feel like a ping-pong ball boucing from one to another. Having another person around would allow me to slow down a bit. (DH works quite a bit.)
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