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anyone choose to *not* take a pregnancy test?

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I have taken OTC pregnancy tests with each of my pregnancies, mainly because I could not stand not knowing for sure. But I've often thought how nice it would be, in a way, to just allow the pregnancy to unfold on its own without all the excitement and attention, what it would be like to all of a sudden just KNOW for no other reason than because your body was clearly telling you so. What would that be like?

I can think of advantages, too... not having to go through the emotional let-down with an early miscarriage (which are common), because you wouldn't have known that you were pregnant anyway. And psychologically feeling the pregnancy to be shorter (nine months is a long time to be waiting eagerly!)

Have any of you ever considered this or actually done it?
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I had a completely unassisted pregnancy and birth with my youngest child, including not taking a pregnancy test. I knew I was pregnant a day or so after I missed my period, actually I suspected earlier when I had some implantation spotting. I guess my rational was, I am either pregnant or not and a pregnancy test wouldn't make the slightest bit of difference. However, it did take me longer to really get I was pregnant because I didn't have that proof!

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It's an interesting idea I have considered before, but I am SOOOOOOO impatient, I don't think I could stand not taking a test!!
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Well...I'm a week late and I haven't felt like rushing to take a test anytime soon. I think I will just take this experience as it comes. I really don't mind being in that limbo stage of knowing what your body is telling you, just not having the scientific proof.

I'm quite sure I am pg because my periods have been fairly regular. And my tummy has suddenly expanded - I didn't expect my clothes to be too tight at only 3 or so weeks but here I am feeling a bit uncomfortable in non-elastic waists. (Or maybe that's just the holiday over-consumption catching up with me! ) I think I was over a month along with my first pg before I took a test - and even then I already knew what the result was going to be.

But I should qualify that I'm in the same fortunate situation I was the first time around: we were tcc, but not trying all that hard, KWIM?
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I would have, but, I only took the stick test for 2 reasons

so my hubby would believe me, proof positive, to settle his mind

and to have a verification point for starting the countdown - because I wasn't going totally unassisted and I got a lot of flak for dates before.

I didn't need the test for me. I knew. I actually took 2 of them, once when I knew for sure what was up, but got a streak (inconclusive), and then 2-3 weeks later. Of course taking the test, I knew "for sure", and that might have changed something. But, I already knew so the test just confirmed that. I can't imagine if it was false, since it wasn't and I felt what I felt. Hm.

The inconclusive test dh tried to say was false - and I was like, uh-uh. You just wait.

I think unassisted would be mega cool, and I might try that, if I get another opperunity. I think if I weren't "paying attention" I'd want a test because I think it's probably important to have the dates straight if you're working with a birth attendant because a lot of women get hassled about going over their due date or delivering prematurely, when they might not be - but that's probably part of trusting yourself, too.

Also, we weren't trying not to get pg, letting things take their course, so I was already expecting it. I knew when I was ovulating, anyway.
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I would love to not test, but (1) am really impatient and (2) live in an area where it's important to "reserve" a midwife ASAP. If ever I get the urge to go unassisted, then I would really try not to test!
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I was going to with my pregnancy, but then my sister announced that she was pregnant and that made me really want to know if I was. I would have been tested eventually anyway since I have to use an OB due to health problems, but it would have been neat to just wait until I started showing.
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Just an update...

I called my clinic today to make an appointment for next month. First of course she asked for the first day of my last period (Dec. 11) to determine my due date. A few questions later she asked if I had taken a home test or taken one at a clinic. When I answered that I hadn't taken a test, she gave me a great big "Ohh." So I muttered something about how I hadn't gotten to it yet, but that I was pretty sure I was.

Did she miss the fact that the first day of my last period was over a month ago? Now, I guess there could be something else going on, and she doesn't know that I'm a pretty regular-cycle kinda woman, but I just had to chuckle about that reaction.
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I prefer to not take a test until I know it already. In this pregnancy, I one day had the feeling, so I just knew I was pregnant. So I took a test. Of course it said positive. That was 3 days before my period would've come. But honestly, it wasn't really "real" to me until no period came. Even with the feeling. For me, having the full moon come and go with no blood speaks loudly.
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At 6 weeks I was so sick and exhausted I knew something was wrong, so I went to a doctor who recommended a pregnancy test, which to my great surprise was positive! I just thought it was a vitamin deficiency of some kind.

She asked if there was any chance I could be pregnant and I said "Nope!" because I did not think anything of the fact that I had been having unprotected sex for 4 years! Luckily she decided to test anyway.

If I had not been feeling sick, though, I probably would not have known until I was at least 5 months. (I had always had highly irregular periods, so missing 5 of them would have been nothing new.)
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I bought an OTC pregnancy test the first three times I was pregnant and delivered.

The fourth time, I knew ...Ijust knew. Taking a test would tell me what ?

Something I all ready knew.

My ds was born right on time.

W/ ds, my #2 child, the otc pregnancy test was +; the doctor insisted on doing a test in the office - a Bio-Cett G - it was negative, a false negative.

I refused to pay the lab for the test and sent them a birth announcement instead.
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I have done that. And with my crazy cycles and my huge efforts to GET pregnant, let me tell you, it's tough to not take one, but you get to a point where you just think it's not going to happen and you don't want to have to do the roller coaster thing again and again. I didn't know I was pg with two of my three (including this pregnancy) until I was 12 weeks along.

makes for short pregnancies!

Rebecca due Feb 7th.
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I have taken about 12 OTC tests in the past year. This was due to fear about another pregnancy, and lack of bodily knowledge. Now that I have semi-regular cycles it shouldn't be an issue.

Still, that's at least a hundred dollars there! If I start to worry again I'll just go to the free clinic.
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I find this a fastinating discussion. Although I have always tested just to have that "proof" I guess, I am seriously considering not testing ever again.
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I had to know when I was pregnant because I had meds I had to take that weren't for pregnant moms, but it would have been cool to just let it happen, although I knew without the tests because I am really intuned to body changes
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So while I love the idea of a totally unassisted pregnancy and birth, I probably would be too anxious or impatient to go through with it.

For those of you who do, I think it's what god intended! (I mean, you know, what I consider god to mean to me. Hope I don't get in trouble here...)
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