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What's up with my boob??

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I think this is really more of a vent than a question, or I'd post it elsewhere.
Actually a post in health and healing a few weeks ago turned up little...
About a month ago, I started getting worried about my right breast. I had a benign lump removed about 3 years ago, and the area on and around the old scar had turned bright red and was itchy. (I mean itchier than the rest of my boob and the other one--itchy boobs seems to be real pregnancy symptom for me in general!) I showed my OB, who said it felt warm to the touch and was probably infected, so she put my on mild, pregnancy-safe antibiotics. At the end of the ten day course, the area was no longer bright red or warm, but was still noticeably purplish-pink. I phoned, she said I needed to go see a breast surgeon, since it was probably related to my prior surgery. Ooh, yeah, a breast surgeon, how fun.
So in the couple days before I got in to see him, the place got redder again, but not as much as it had been originally. He was not too concerned, but wanted to put me on a very heavy-duty antibiotic, but had the sense and decency to call my OB first. She vetoed that one, and they agreed together on an antibiotic that was more aggressive than the first one, but still not scary for the baby. So after a day or two of the new antibiotic, the place went back to purplish-pink. And after a full ten-day course, that is the way it still is.
I went in for my follow-up with the surgeon today, and he says we're just not going to do anything at all, that it's probably hormone related and the area is a little irritated because of all the changes going on in my breasts, and if he gives me more antibiotics I'm just going to develop a resistance. So just keep an eye on it.
Why don't they really know what they are talking about? Grrr. It's just sort of irritating. I'm not that worried about it--if it were that bad, it would hurt or the doctor would have been more concerned, right? I don't mind that he doesn't want to mess with it, because I think he was being respectful of my pregnancy, but I just feel sort of bleah about the whole profession. If they had never cut a perfectly harmless lump out of my breast, it wouldn't be doing this now...whatever it is doing!
My mother shared the story with a co-worker who said that her breast took forever to get back to its normal color after an infection, so maybe it's just that?
Bleah bleah bleah bleah.
Okay, done ranting. Thanks for listening. May we all have healthy, happy breasts, ready for lactation!
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Ugh, that is so frustrating! I tend to research things on my own before going to a doctor, then when you do finally go and they don't have an answer (let alone a solution) it can make you crazy!

I hope it doesn't start bugging you too much more. It will be interesting to see how it changes over the next several months, huh? It does seem to make sense that the changes in you r boobs would be irritating an old problematic area. Hopefully it will clear itsself up!
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Thanks Ellie! Yeah, I'm sure it will be fine. I guess I just needed to get that story "off my chest," so to speak.
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