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Bad hormonal day!

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This post is more of a gripe than anything--I don't really expect any answers, I just hope it will be therapeutic to type it all in. I haven't had very many of these hormonal/easily irritated days this pg (which has been a blessing) but today has been horrible!

For starters, the Christmas stuff and family visiting can be a bit taxing. I have that pretty well covered though. I am really irritated with my health insurance for non-pg related things and am trying to balance my arguements so that I don't lose simply because I complain too much. One of the problems stems from a group of procedures Kayla had done in 2/2003 which I paid for promptly because of the generous discount that hospital has for quick payments. Now, nearly two years later they say I owe them $200. If I pay by Friday I get the discount again. Unfortunately, there is no way I can sort it all out by Friday and I don't really trust getting reimbursed if needed.

Then, my oldest dd has 3 rather bad cavities. We had the worst one scheduled for fixing after Christmas. However, one of the lesser cases has been bothering her since her cleaning so I got them to give us a time slot of someone who cancelled. Now I am not a good dental patient. I have tried to not let that cross over to my children (I don't bring them with me if I have anything other than a cleaning because I really don't do well and didn't want my fear to be their fear.) Well, lets say Anna is even worse than me. This was such an ordeal today and I didn't realize how much it affected me. DH and I were having a date night and it got started late because of the appt so we didn't have time for our dinner before the movie and I was crying with little control for about 20 minutes about it (the appt.). Also today I realized that we are having a problem with our dishwasher leaking. We have hardwood floors and as I was sweeping them I noticed that there was some warping. We pulled out the dishwasher to find lots of damage behind it. Our house is just over a year old. Dh found the problem--manufacturing defect. It was leaking out of a seam in the actual dishwasher. Now we have to try to get the manufacturer take responsibilty when the warranty was over about a month ago. Obviously, this has been going on for a while because the damage to the floors took time to happen.

UGH! Just a bad day I guess.

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Amy, hormones or not, that sounds like a terrible day. I hope the movie you and DH saw was good and took your mind off of all of these things for a while. And I hope today is MUCH better.
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