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no way!

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Okay, maybe this wouldn't be so darn exciting to *everybody*, but to me, it's amazing.

I have been having contractions.

CONTRACTIONS, people!!! REAL ones!! Well, nothing regular yet, but a few have been pretty decent ones!!

So, some who may not know the whole story are probably thinking, "Um lady, you already have two kids... you've felt contractions before, right?" To which I would reply, "NO!! Well, at least not ones that were not brought on by a chemical induction!!!"

So.. that's why this is so darn exciting! My body is doing exactly what it needs to be doing!!

Yes, I'm fully aware that this could just be the beginning of a long process (as in, nothing 'real' yet, simply getting primed up), but... gosh... I don't even know how to put into words how exciting this all is for me. This hasn't happened before and I just couldn't be happier.

So.. please pray this is indeed The Real Deal!!!
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yeh judybean! you are on my list of mamas who have to go before me, so im sending you easy labor vibes!!!
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Go Judy! All contractions are real contractions....
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GO JUDY!!!!! Even if they are just getting you "primed up" they are still real!! but i hope, hope, hope its the real thing. lots of labor vibes to you!!!!!!!

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come on labor!
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woo hooooooooo! Come on labor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Yay contractions!!!!! Keep them coming!
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