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Need help with inconsistent supply

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DD2 is 6 weeks old and it seems as though I have a good supply every other day or so. Yesterday was excellent, today is pretty minimal - I've nursed her twice and felt no let-down, breasts are soft.

I was diagnosed with herpes gestationis (auto-immune disease that manifests as a horrible itchy, blistery rash) during my third trimester and it has not gone away. I am on prednisone, about 15mg daily, and it seems that may be impacting my supply due to the obligatory water loss is causes. I'm trying to drink drink drink and am also drinking mother's milk tea - even once a day seems to help boost the supply. Can I take it indefinitely? I am also tandem nursing my 31 month old about twice a day.

DD was born at 7lb2oz and is now 11 pounds at six weeks. I'd love some advice and wonder if I should contact an LC.

*Edited to add that this inconsistency has been going on for about 4 weeks.
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Someone here may have a Thomas Hales' Mothers Milk and Medications book, to check if your med can cause supply issues. (Maybe there is something else you can take? See a naturopath or homeopath, if you wish.) Yes, mothers milk tea is OK for as long as you nurse.

Nurse a lot. Every hour is OK. Eat a healthy diet. Massage your breasts as you nurse.
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