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Hi! My twin boys are just truning 11 months and have gotten to the
point where they hate to see their brother nurse. Especially when
they're tired. this is making naptime really hard, since they nurse
down for nap. At bedtime when my husband is home, the boys (orion and
Jonah) rock to sleep, one with each of us. But during the day i'm home
alone with them. What i have been doing is putting on baby in his crib
with a bunch of toys and hoping he's entertained until his broher
falls asleep nursing. then i put that baby down and go to the other
one. But lately the baby in his crib has just been standing watching
us and crying. then neither baby goes to sleep... Does anybody have
any advice? I'd love to hear what you other mommas and dads are doing
during the day. Thanks everyone! Eliza