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too much soy??

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Has anyone else found soy protein powders helpful in getting enough protein while you've been pregnant? Is there such thing as too much soy while pregnant? I started adding protein powder to my smoothies a few weeks ago, but now I'm wondering if betweent he powder, soy milk, and tofu that I eat I might be getting too much soy. Any ideas?

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The big thing with protein is that you do want to vary your sources. I usually try to divide it between the soy milk, soy protein/ wheat gluten protein in things like fake lunchmeat, tofu, beans (I love my vegetarian chili!), varied grains (rice, wheat, oat, etc.), peanut butter, nuts in trail mix bars (i pick kinds that have decent amounts of protein), and so forth. I usually add some soy flour to most of my baking. Every little bit helps. If you're not sure you're getting enough protein, or varied protein (soy, after all doesn't have ALL the amino acids you need), take a look at what you typically eat in a day and break down the number of grams of protein you're getting, and from what sources.
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I used it a lot, until I found out that excessive soy can cause hypospadias in baby boys.
Here is a thread that goes through a lot of the positives and negatives of soy:
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Interesting stuff in the thread. It's really hard to know what or who to believe sometimes! I guess I just try to stick with the "keep it varied" approach. I used to be totally vegan, but found that I was living off of everything soy, which was just too much. Since my pregnancy I've added in some cheese and yogurt, but I still love my soymilk and tofu. It took awhile for my appetite to get up to speed and last month felt like I just couldn't eat enough for me and the baby(I was getting really full and bloated all the time) so I added in the soy protein. That got my protein intake up, but then I was reading in our coop newsletter that alot of the complications people have with soy come from over supplementing, and that you should nat have more that 30-50mg of isoflavones a day, since that is what is standard in Asian diets and what all of the research is based on. That's what got me thinking that the powder was too much.....

Who knows? My appetite is way up now anyhow (my husband can't even get over it!) so now eating enough beans, grains and all of those more filling foods isn't so tough for me
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