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8 month old refusing breast

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My 8 month old won't breastfeed. Well, he has a horrible cold and fever - is on amoxicillan (sp?) and also been giving tylenol/motrin for fever. But just today he will not latch on at all and starts hysterical crying when I put him to the boob. - Have tried quite a few times. And it is not that he is not hungry because right after my DH will try a bottle and he will drink from that ok. We have never had this issue before where he refused the breast. Is this normal? Will he go back? I even tried different positions thinking the lying down might be bothering him - but he wants no part of the boob- gets upset by the sight of it? What is going on????

I put this in extended bf too, just wanted to get the most possible replies.
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I'm tinking that maybe if he is really congested it's ahrd for him to breath being up agianst the breast?
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So he has been having bottles right along, and is used to them? I would treat this like a nursing strike. Are you using a humidifier? Have you started a cup? A bfed baby of this age usually doesn't need a bottle for feeds.

LLLI on Nursing Strikes
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