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How Did You Meet?

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Would anyone care to share how you met your partner? It might be interesting to see how we all got from point "A" to point "B" - "B" for baby!

I don't have too much interesting to contribute - met my DH in college and we were married almost 7 years with no real plans for : except that he went to Chicago for the weekend, and then was really happy to see me when he got back, and now we're a family of three. Huh. The things life hands to ya.

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My husband and i met on the internet through friends some 6 years ago!
He moved across the country to be with me, then we moved again to be together!
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A little over two years ago, my Dh and I sat next to each other on a flight to California. He thought I was with someone else, I thought he looked way too young....anyway, we started talking, exchanged email addresses and the rest is history!
We got married this past May and since we are in our 30's we wanted to start trying for kids right away in case we had a difficult time getting pregnant. Well, apparently not...I was preggo in June!

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Match.com. We dated for eight months before getting engaged, and were married six months later.

We went through some really difficult times, to the point where I was ready for divorce. This was in June. I had found a house, and was ready to buy it. He agreed to go with me to an Imago workshop weekend(www.imagotherapy.com). I prayed for a miracle in order to save our marriage. That weekend was the first miracle, and I found out a week later I was pregnant. We've been married 2 1/2 years.

I'm really happy things turned out the way they did. I can't imagine what my life would be like had I left. He's a great guy...Marriage isn't always easy, especially in your 30's. I'm glad I didn't give up.
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We met in 9th grade, we had the same French class. We never really "hung out" until after highschool when I was roomates with his best friend. Long story short, he was my biggest support when I was going through my divorce and things kind of happened from there.

Apparently he'd had a crush on me since 9th grade.
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Another Match.com here! We got engaged after a few months (though he was convinced he wanted to marry me after the first date) and got married just about a year after meeting.

Since we were already in our 30s, we started trying right away but had some difficulty... PCOS, 1 dermoid cyst, surgery, removal of an ovary and 2 cycles of clomid later, here we are!
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I can't ever remember not knowing him. Our parents have been friends since before we were born, but we moved to his town when I was 3 so probably that was when I really met him. Every memorial weekend of my life has been spent camping with his family (and lots of other weekends mixed in thier).

I know he liked me in highschool, we lived about 3 hours apart then, used to write letters, I went to prom with him.

Then we both married someone else. My ex and I and ds#1 spent the night at his house 6 years ago, I remember him napping with ds. Then we both got divorced.

Two years ago we went to a christmas party (today is the anniversary of our first date), last summer we were married and now we are having a baby.
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We met online through his personals ad. I was 17, a senior in highschool. He was 23, a junior in college. The age difference seemed huge at the time. We chatted for a year and then soon after I turned 18 he came to visit me for winter break. 3 days into the visit we decided to "run away" and get married. Our 5 year anniversary is January 7th!! Wow it doesn't feel that long at all.

Newlyweds in Miami
After DS#2 was born

We definately need to take more recent pictures lol
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Awwww, these are great! What a fun thread!
Cute pics, Mrs. Angelic.

DH and I met 9 years ago at a department store right before Christmas. We were both holiday help--me because I was in college, him because he'd just gotten out of the military and wanted a discount on civilian clothes while he looked for a regular job. I put a bunch of men's shirts away in the wrong place, and he told me so. Anyway, after working a 10 hour shift together, he asked me out. We dated off on and on for about six years (a couple break-ups in there for good measure!) and then got married three summers ago.
Last year DH decided he hated his job and life was too short to keep doing it, so he applied to law schools. He got in to the school in our mutual hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, so we moved from Chicago back here for him to go. Since I had to quit what I was doing to move too, I got to re-evaluate what I wanted out of life, too. I decided, BABY! He thought that was a great idea...we got pregnant on the Fourth of July, in our third cycle of trying, on vacation in Michigan.
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About 12 years ago I moved from CA to Eastern Washington (tiny hick town) to live with a boyfriend that I had been dating for only a few months. He was moving for college. Turns out, he ends up being a bit... unbalanced and seriously emotionally abusive. I was there away from all my friends and family, and spent the summer with the boyfriend and 2 other guys who he knew from the dorm... one was my now DH. DH and I became friends, and one day I (finally) expressed to him how bad things were with the boyfriend. He told me that everyone wondered why I had stayed with him! Well, you know when you finally get something off your chest it's like an avalanche, I couldn't handle it anymore.

One night things got particularly bad, and it happened to be when it was just boyfriend, DH and I at the house. boyfriend stormed out, and I broke down. Called my parents, who gave me their credit card to stay at a hotel. Called my best friend who bought a plane ticket to come get me the next morning. DH stayed with me at the hotel, cause it is such a small town that boyfriend could've easily found me at one of the 3 hotels, and I was scared. DH and I stayed up all night playing cards and talking finally in the wee hours of the night as we were falling asleep (in separate beds, of course!) I said, "If I was ever back up in Washington, would you go out on a date with me?" I don't know where it came from, and DH was too stumped to answer, he stammered, "Uh, I guess!"

The next day DH and I I picked up my best friend from the airport , came home, packed up all my stuff, and I moved out and drove back to CA while the boyfriend was at work. I left a note. I called from Oregon, and boyfriend was upset, wanting to come find me, etc. and threatening suicide. I called DH, worried, who sent someone else over to check on him while he talked w/me again for a few hours. He confessed that he did have feelings for me, but he couldn't tell me before I left because I would've stayed, and that town had NOTHING for me. He told me that he had wanted me to make the decision to leave all on my own, not for him.

During the time I lived up there I had become a meek, passive girl... nothing like the strong, confident woman I once was. DH told me that night as I sat in a dingy hotel running away that he couldn't wait for me to become that strong woman again. We had all the time in the world to get to know each other, and that there was no rush. I couldn't believe this guy!

So I moved to CA with the parents for a few months, DH and I spoke on the phone and wrote letters often. Then I decided to move up to Seattle (5 hrs away from DH) to start a new life of my own. I actually lived with his parents while I looked for a place myself. DH and I dated long distance for 2 years, which in retrospect was GREAT because I did develop back into the strong woman I had once been, and I pursued my own dreams instead of changing my aspirations to match those of my boyfiends, which I had been doing. Then DH moved to Seattle, and we lived together for a few years. We were together 7 years before we got married, and that was almost 5 years ago!

And that's how we met. Boy, that was long! I suppose I could've just said, "DH rescued me from a psycho ex-boyfriend and we lived happily ever after!" but it doesn't quite do the story justice.
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DH and I both went through the Early Entrance Program at the University of Washington, and met on the first day of orientation--at age 14! It was love at first sight for both of us, and we dated for about a month before my fear got in the way and we broke up. We were friends for a year, then got back together, and have been together pretty much ever since. (We definitely had some rough patches, though; it is not easy to meet your soulmate when you are 14!) We got married nine years and one week after the day that we met, and three years later found ourselves unexpectedly pregnant, about a year and a half ahead of "schedule". (You would think that the way we met would've taught us that you can't "plan" anything!)
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I met dh online (really before there was an "online") 12 years ago on a local BBS, the summer after I graduated from HS. After hanging out with him for a month, I broke up with my HS boyfriend (away at college) and dh and I have been together ever since.

After about six years of marriage, we decided to TTC #1. In August 2002, Miss Kylie Joy was born. We celebrated our 10th anniversary in September and are excited to be expecting girl #2!

Our Christmas picture

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I met my husband in High School. He was a senior, I was a Junior, and our gym teacher (his football/wrestling coach, my parents friend) paired us up to square dance and we fell in love. 4 1/2 years later we were married and we are coming up on our second wedding anniv. Fri Dec 30 and our little one is expected March 17 (the day after dh birthday).
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I love this thread. I think that thinking about this really makes us mommas fall back in love with our hubbies and the babies that we have made. I met my husband through a mutal friend that brought him to my birthday party. (8/00) We became friends instantly and were married a little more than a year later in 11/01. We had our first baby in 07/02 and the second is due 3/11/06. I think when you knw its right it is just right.
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Dh was one of the first people I met on my first day of college. I sat next to him in a Poli-Sci course. We studied for tests together, and we were loose friends, but I was dating my awful, cheating, emotionaly unavailable high school boyfriend at the time. My first summer away from college, I missed Dh and wrote him a lot of letters...he wrote back, and we became really good friends. My sophomore year, newly single, I spent a lot of time with dh but didn't want to date him. He was NOT my type (I thought!)... too nice, too gentle, too much my best friend. The second semester started, and dh became more and more persistent about trying out being a couple. He was SO convinced that we would be great together, and so tortured about wanting to date, I finally said "okay, but this will never work." Three years of college, two years of long-distance grad school, one year of living together, and two (whoops!) twins later, it's been the best 10 years of my life. He IS nice, and gentle, and my best friend...and he's mine. We had some early near-break ups, and some big bumps in the road, but we've always been good together. I can't imagine a better person to love, to spend my life with, and to be a parent with...

I always joke with him that, even though I'm almost always right , I was wrong and he WAS right when it came to us dating--he knew we'd be great together.
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This turned out to be a really interesting thread! Its very interesting how many people met their partner when they were relatively young.

We met in college also the very first weekend. After that it was like we were married from the start. My husband calls me RatGirl because the first time we met, he took me to the lab to see the rats that he was keeping for his research project. I don't know what he was thinking - it was late at night, in the bowels of an old college science building, and the rats were totally creepy. Way to impress a potential girlfriend! I don't know what I was thinking either because it didn't scare me off!

Getting married young is very hard. But we didn't know any better so it worked out OK.
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Great question, Ahwuko! Thanks for starting it.

DH and I met in college. The fall he was a freshman he joined my living group and moved into my dorm (I was a sophomore). The first time I met him I think he annoyed me, but I got to really be touched by how kind and open he was. After toying with the idea of liking him for a month or two, we ate dinner together one night in spring and he walked me to class. I asked him "what would you think if I said I liked you?" or something that awkward and then ran off into class! (There is a photo of us at my website -- link below -- at the spot.) I got out of class that night and upon seeing me, he said nothing, but gave me a memorable kiss.

I would like to say it was all magic and hearts from there, but as most of you noted, there was a few early bumps -- I mean, we were kids! Five years later we got married, and 6 1/2 years after that, here we are, with baby on the way just short of 12 years from when we exchanged that first kiss.

We're really happy with where we are and everything just feels right! Baby just adds to that joy.
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DH and I met at a Beltain celebration almost 7 years ago. It was his first ritual, and mutual friends brought him along at the last minute. A close girlfriend of mine had a dream of me in a black dress and the dream was so strong she brought the dress with her and insisted I wear it. After changing into the dress I came out of the tent to see my friend Kevin and DH standing there talking. Being overly dramatic I curtsied very low, and when I looked up DH and I locked eyes. We both felt a shock of recognition and have been inseparable ever since.

He told me he loved me one week later. And although I felt the same way I was NOT a believer in love at first sight so I was sure my feelings were wrong and we would realize that soon. hehe

We are now happily expecting our second child together.
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When I was a sophmore in college, my friend and I were talking about guys we thought were cute. She told me there was a guy in one of her classes that I had to meet, because she was sure I would think he was hot. Sometime later, I was talking to another friend about guys on campus and I told her about this guy that my other friend thought I should meet. She said, "I know him! He's one of my best friends!" I was like, "Is he cute?" and she said "I don't know - he's like my brother!" I told her to bring him by sometime so I could meet him.

A few months went by and I never met this guy, and I started going out with another guy that was in a band. I was watching his band play one night, and I saw my friend (that was friends with the cute guy). I went to talk to her and she introduced me to dh . Of course, at the time, I was involved with someone else, but I did think he was REALLY cute. We eventually became sort of friends - I hung out at his house a few times. But I thought he didn't really like me that much. His roommate was cool, though, so I hung around anyway.

About a year after I met dh, my bf and I split up, and dh was single, too. I began hanging out with dh and his friends alot, because I was trying not to fall into a depression from the break up. I needed to be around people. One of dh's friends told me that dh liked me, but I didn't really imagine that was true. One night I was at his house, and it was late at night. Suddenly, EVERYBODY left his house, which is really unusual because his house was party central. We spent the rest of the night talking, and by the time the sun came up, we were kissing . When I hugged him, he felt very "familiar" to me. He told me later that he ALWAYS liked me, and he thought that I didn't like him!

Four years later, we were married, and now we have been together for 10 years, and are expecting twins! I NEVER would have guessed on the night that I met dh that we would eventually be married and having babies! In fact, I never wanted to get married or have babies until I had been with dh for a few years. Funny how things work out .

There are some GREAT stories here, BTW! What a cool thread...
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