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where's MamataraX?

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She hasn't been around.....................hmmmmmm. Maybe she sat in her chair too long and now has a babe!
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I wondered the same thing was I was going to bed last night. I didn't think we'd heard from Tara all day. But then again, we DID predict that she would be the first to post after having a babe. Tara? Persephone, do you know? Hope everything is great with you, Tara, and you are just avoiding sitting.
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Ooooh now you're all getting me excited! (not in that way you pervs ) I hope all is well Tara!!
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She better not have had her baby yet, cause she didn't call me! (We plan on attending one another's births). So, my guess is she's just staying offline as much as possible, to not have any ctx.... she doesn't even have her birth tub as far as I know, so I know she doesn't want to have the baby yet.
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She's right. I stay offline a lot. I only get on to check my email about once a dayfor 20 minutes. I can't sit more than 30 minutes without having a ton of ctx. In fact, this morning i was having them laying down, after I drank a bunchof water, but I had been sitting up for a few minutes so, ya know. No, no baby yet. If I had a baby, two things would happen: 1. I'd call Persephone and 2. my pubic bone wouldn't still be cracking LOL I'm kneeling on the floor to type this, onlyon because Ihad to check email, again. I signed up for the MDC-MIN thing and wow, have I been hooked up! That's why I keep checking my email, otherwise I wouldn't be online at all. Okay, gotta get up, this is killing me. Oh but hey, the good news, I have done a zillion hours of housework in the past five days I'll try to come back over the weekend but make no gaurantees.

Namaste, Tara
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Wow Tara, sounds like you just might have this baby soon!!! Good luck!!
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