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SPD and labor?

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Real quick question: How does SPD effect labor? I know a lot about it in relation to being pregnant, but not about it in relation to giving birth. I have it. My midwife even noted the "larger than usual" separation of my pubic bone (you can feel it...it's wierd) It hurts to stand, sometimes to sit, to walk, to get up, to roll over, all kinds of stuff. If I'm up moving a long time, it's not so bad. But I wonder what it means for laboring? Any experiences to share? Thanks!

Namaste, Tara
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I had SPD both times, although I didn't know it had a name until later. It was especially bad with my second PG and was just like you describe. I don't think it impacted my labors at all, actually once the ctx start I never really remember/notice the SPD pain and it is gone as soon as I give birth (#1) or within a few days (#2). If anything maybe that extra space made the births so quick, second stage was 20 min and 8 min respectively and neither of my babes had any head molding... DD did not even rotate her shoulders and body to the side after her head came out, she just slid out in one motion with no rotation. Not sure if that is everyone's experience but HTH.
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I just had my ds December 9th and I had horrible SPD with his pregnancy. I was so worried about how it would affect labor and how it would be after delivering. Surprisingly it did not affect me during labor or I didn't notice it over the labor pains anyways. My active labor was about 1 hour and 45 minutes or so and I labored in water the whole time and gave birth in a fishy pool which was great. I gave birth on my hands and knees which is a position that is sopposed to be great for SPD, it just felt right for me.

After he was born I noticed the SPD for a couple of days at night etc. but it was nothing like when I was pregnant. It has been 2 weeks today and I feel great, I am so relieved. I hope you have a similar experience
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I had horrible SPD with DS. I was so worried labor would make it worse or that it would just be awful during labor. I don't remember any SPD pain DURING labor (I was on bedrest on my side for 2 weeks beforehand and THAT sucked) and remarkably, the pain was all but gone pretty much immediately after DS was born.
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I'm suffering with this also, and have had the same concerns about the birth (due in about a month). This thread has been very encouraging--thanks!
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Had SPD with last pregnancy and I'm just echoing what the other posts said, I didn't notice it at all during labor and it went away eventually after the baby was born (don't remember the time frame on that). Labor was fast, slightly less than 4 hours. SPD is back with this pregnancy but hopefully I won't notice it during labor again, you just don't want to have your legs forced back wide during labor because that's known to cause damage.
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Wow, thanks mamas! You give me much hope. Especially the fast labor part Actually, I've dreamed this to be a fast labor anyway and this thread is cementing that for me

Namaste, Tara
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I also had it very bad with #4 and had a very FAST - 45 minute labor. The labor was too fast for me persoally and I had not SPD pain during labor. After the birth the pain was 80-85% gone.

Good to know it will be over soon

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