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back pain

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i'm 24 weeks along, and i'm beginning to have problems sitting for more than 20 minutes or so. the area around my tailbone really starts hurting. does anyone else have this?

also, i had sciatica with my first pg, and i can feel that it's going to start up again soon. the last time i had it, i literally couldn't move for two weeks, and then it just went away. i recently went to a chiropractor, but he doesn't want to adjust anything below my shoulders. anyone have any suggestions for what i can do to alleviate this? are there some stretches i can do that might help?
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I saw a Chiropractor through my entire pregnancy - it really helped alot.
Perhaps you should look into that - it might just be a tiny adjustment that you need.

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Have you tried massage or yoga? I am a massage therapist and getting massage can help relieve some of the problems you are experiencing. Is your chiro. just nervous about adjusting a pregnant mom below her shoulders during pregnancy? Because my DC has adjusted me for some SI issues and it really helped.

Good Luck~

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yes, he was very careful to avoid adjusting my lower back out of concern that it could be problematic. i don't know very much about that, so i didn't say anything.

Originally posted by lisamarie
Is your chiro. just nervous about adjusting a pregnant mom below her shoulders during pregnancy?
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I've been seeing a chiropractor since October and believe me, it's made a difference in being able to get out of bed and actually DO something with my day. I managed to find a chiropractor who had recently had a baby herself, so she's more aware of what might need adjusting than another person might be. I'd try calling around to other chiropractic offices in your city and see if you can find one who's got experience dealing with pregnant women.

Good luck!
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I had back pain at about that point in my pregnancy. I found keeping my feet up when seated and keeping a rolled towel or pillow at the small of my back helped tremendously.

It's since stopped killing me, and I think that's due to baby's weight pulling on me differently.

Oh...I also got down on all fours and arched my back...like a cat...several times a day. That helped a lot.
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