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Labeling areas

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I read a book recently that said one of the important ways to keep things organized is to label every space. Like having a "shirt" and "pants" drawer in your dresser, to give a small scale example.

Naturally, the worst disaster area in my house has been the "spare room". It began life as the video room, and when the tv was moved it lost that identity.

Dh had a fabulous idea, it's going to be a study! We're going to set it up with a computer just loaded with software suitable for school work and a desk and a wall of bookshelves. I've been having fun mentally planning what we'll do in there which is a complete change from the despair I had felt when I looked around that room.

Unfortunately, we won't really start in on that room until we finish replacing the carpet in the kitchen with tile.
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I totally understand, we have one room that started off at a scrapbooking/craft room but since dd has gotten tot he point that she is walking rather than laying still or playing quietly wiht some toys in her lap I have not been able to get in to do anything with any of it. Now it is a disaster and I don't know what to do with it, the sad thing is I really would like to work on getting the photos from her birthday to present scrapped so that I have them for her when she is older.
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labeling does help. I saw an idea for gluing clothes pins to what you want to label if you want to change what goes there or in it you can with out dealing with permanent labels. I hjave done this in most of my toy bins and included pics of the things that go i the bin. if you have a digital cmaera it is very easy to take a pic of the stuff and label it.
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My husband got me a label maker for Christmas. He thought of it all by himself. He knows me way too well!
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